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While many people may think that environmentally-friendly products are unavoidably expensive, such as organic foods that can often be double the price of others, sustainable packaging is actually cost-effective. Innovative designs that use less harmful materials not only reduce waste, but they also reduce space. The ability to fit more weight and more products within shipments can greatly lower shipping and transportation costs, allowing for more products per shipment and reducing the use and cost of fuel.

Promote the Product


Let’s face it: Consumers feel better and happier when they know they are contributing to a greener future. Keep your customers satisfied, and associate your product and your brand with greener living. When you show customers that you care about the environment and how your product affects the safety of others, you’ll gain a positive reputation that help promote your business and product.


A Greener Future


Plastic materials such as PVC (polyvinyl chloride) are not biodegradable, and some chemicals used in PVC production have been shown to cause cancer, kidney or reproductive system damage in animals. The H-Loc Trapped Blister uses recycled PET (RPET) to contain products, and a minimal amount at that. The majority of the package uses corrugated cardboard, the most recycled material on the planet. And with water- and soy-based inks and adhesives, the trapped blister reduces the need for harmful oils.


Save Yourself Money Sustainable Packaging


Sustainable and eco-friendly products tend to be packaged in more lightweight materials which ultimately can help you save on shipping costs. Think locally when sourcing freight carriers and materials for packaging. A well-thought-out logistics plan will directly impact your costs in a positive way. Not to mention your consumers will also appreciate it when products are lightweight and easier to recycle.


How Do Brands Benefit from Sustainable Packaging?


There are many ways a brand or manufacturer can benefit from a focus on sustainability in its production. One huge advantage to eco-conscious packaging is that it will attract a demographic of environmentally conscious, like-minded consumers to your product. This demographic is growing fast and if you aren’t supporting the eco-friendly movement with your brand now, you are going to be left behind your competitors in the marketplace.

This is a call to arms for your product lines! The customer base for eco-friendly companies is steadily growing, as people are becoming more aware of the damaging effects that modern living—packaging included—has on the environment.

Prominent companies such as Walmart and Coca-Cola have already invested in sustainability-related packaging, in part because it is a lucrative transition to make. The Coca-Cola Company made its product packaging more sustainable by adopting more resource-efficient designs, as well as using recycled and renewable materials. Since investing in sustainability, Coca-Cola reports it has saved approximately $180 million a year.




As consumers become more aware of their impact on the environment’s safety and future, they are taking bigger steps to live more sustainably, whether through making their homes more energy-efficient or buying products that are packaged with recyclable, sustainable materials.

At the same time, sustainable packaging also has a lot of positive impacts on companies, bringing more environmental protection concepts to consumers and improving brand image. Green and healthy brands are first for many consumers!

PrimePac adheres to the green business philosophy of sustainable and environmental protection, with sustainable packaging as its main business product, and is the perfect candidate for your packaging business partner.


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