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Boost your filling efficiency and in-house capacity with our versatile packaging machinery. These machines feature user-friendly control panels, making operation and adjustments a breeze.

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Streamline your production process with our selection of top-notch filling, capping, and labelling equipment. Whether you need a machine to handle liquids, creams, powders, or anything in between, you’ll find the ideal solution here.


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We streamline every step to ensure fluid progress from first sketches to finished products. As your sole supply source, PrimePac spares you the headaches of coordinating various vendors. We furnish a spectrum of integrated services—from concept visuals to production quality control—enabling us to manifest your visionary bottle designs impeccably.

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Find a wealth of custom packaging ideas designed for your particular market. Easily discover packaging options that resonate with your brand's unique vision.

  • Access to a diverse array of products tailored to meet your unique needs and brand identity.
  • Gain insights from dedicated account managers at every step - from conceptualization to finished result and beyond.
  • Rapid yet rigorous supplier vetting to consistently identify optimal solutions.

Your One-Stop Hub for Any Custom Packaging Solution!

Let your imagination wander as we embark on a journey to find the perfect custom packaging for your prized products. Our vast gallery showcases packaging possibilities that cross industries - from sustainable skincare bottles to personalised pet care packaging, we can guide you to solutions purpose-built for your business.

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Support that guides you at every stage, ensuring seamless experiences and complete satisfaction.

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With premium components shaped by ingenious technologies, we craft packaging of remarkable form and function - an artisanal blend of quality and value.

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With decades of experience, our packaging specialists manage even the most complex custom projects with ease.

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A seamless and centralised platform that eliminates the need for juggling between different sources.