What is stand-up pouches packaging ?

Stand up pouch packaging are the most popular packaging form used across various industries. This flexible packaging type offers multiple benefits to the companies and the users also. They are cost-effective compared to traditional rigid packaging.

Customers love them for the ease of storage and attractive designs. Companies love them for the ease of fill and distribution as well as the variety of options available.

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Eco-friendly packaging for cosmetics

Packaging makes the world go round! Well, the world of food and consumer products, anyway. Think that’s an exaggeration? Imagine today’s grocery/retail store aisle without effective product packaging, Exactly. Products not packaged appropriately are not likely to do well and customer satisfaction will be largely nonexistent.

Given the development of new packaging materials, manufacturers and distributors are presented with a seemingly endless variety of primary packaging choices: boxes, cartons, displays, bottles, composite cans, and flexible packaging to name a few. With all of these options, one stands out and is uniformly effective in protecting contents and convenient to the consumer, that is stand-up pouches!

Stand-up pouches in our life :

The stand-up pouches are being application in most of the industries. They are ideal for packaging food items. They are used for packaging across many industries like medical and pharmaceuticals, industrial items, gardening products, etc.

These pouches offer many benefits over the traditional packaging form. The current article details some of the most popular and widely used stand-up pouches in the flexible packaging industry.

Popular stand-up pouches types in life :

Flat Bottom Stand up Pouches

The flat bottom stand-up pouches are becoming increasingly used in the packaging industry. When filled, these pouches stand on their flat bottom on the shelves and attract the customer’s attention.

They also take less space on the shelves and thus more products can be displayed compared to other packaging types. One of the biggest advantages of using these bags is that they take lesser raw materials to manufacture (12% less film) and store more quantity.

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For sure, it takes less energy to manufacture them and they weigh less as well, both of which reduce the manufacturing cost. The flat bottom stand-up pouches eliminate the need to use cartons for outer packaging of the product.


It can be elegantly displayed on the shelves and are easily stackable which catches the customer’s attention. These bags come with a tearing zipper which makes it very convenient to open the bags.


The flat bottom bag is also eco-friendly, as it uses less material to manufacture and stores a greater quantity of products. This reduces the carbon footprint of these bags.

Popular stand-up pouches types in life

Flat Bottom Bag with Tearing Zipper

The flat bottom bag with tearing zipper is ideal for packaging food products. It has a flat bottom and is stable.

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Popular stand-up pouches types in life

Stand-up Bag

More brands are moving from the rigid packaging towards flexible packaging and stand-up bags are one of the most common flexible packaging options.

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These bags offer the most versatile and excellent printed graphics on the bag which will catch the attention of potential customers. They can be produced in a number of shapes and sizes which adds to their convenience.

The stand-up bags also provide an excellent moisture barrier and protection against other elements which keep the product safe for longer.


The stand-up packaging bags are inevitable when the objective is a cost reduction on the packaging. Rigid packaging costs at least 3-6 times more than the flexible packaging.


The customers can open the packaging by sliding the zipper which is very convenient for them. the stand-up zipper bags are retail-ready.

The stand-up zipper bags are also an excellent packaging option for protecting the packaged products. They provide a high degree of protection from UV light, oxygen, moisture, etc.

thereby helping to keep the packaged products safe and fresh.



They also ensure that no secondary outer packaging is required. This helps to save considerable costs on the packaging. These zipper bags also take the lesser volume in transportation and helps to save costs on transit and distribution.

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Popular stand-up pouches types in life

Stand-up Zipper Bag

The stand-up zipper bags are one of the most prevalent forms of flexible packaging which comes with a zipper for easy opening and resealing of the package.

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Popular stand-up pouches types in life

Spout Pouch

The spout pouches are convenient flexible packaging which is mostly used to package solid food products but they can be equally effective for storing liquid.
They are ideal for packaging small quantities of liquid food products like fruit juices, tomato ketchup, etc. They are manufactured using plastic which is chemically resistant.

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They are also mostly used in the personal hygiene industry for packaging products like shampoo, liquid soaps, etc. These spout bags are convenient to carry around while traveling.

Biodegradable Packaging and Stand Up Pouches

Biodegradable packaging. Most consumers have heard the term and many believe they know what it means. But do they? Despite increasing public concern about the environment, do people know which packaging materials are biodegradable? And is biodegradable packaging the only type that is environmentally friendly? Stand up pouches offer a good way to examine these issues.

plastic packaging

Stand up pouches are generally not a form of biodegradable packaging. While many packaging materials made of polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) are biodegradable, they require a great deal of time and certain specific conditions in order to actually biodegrade in a landfill. Materials that do biodegrade are made of such things as paper, starch, wood pulp, potato, cotton, sugar beet, corn, to name but a few. However, although stand up pouches aren’t made of these materials, it doesn’t mean that they are bad for the environment.

Each stand up pouch is made via a very energy-efficient process whereby multiple layers of special film are laminated together to form a barrier bag that protects contents from vapor, odor, moisture, air, pests and/or light, depending on what the particular product needs. Of relevance to our discussion is the fact that although stand up pouches are made from multiple film layers, they actually take up to 12 percent less film to construct than most other packaging bags.

Less material ultimately generates less waste, of course, but there is another environmental benefit as well. Less material means less weight which means that less fuel per unit is consumed to transport stand up pouches.

sustainable packaging design
Advantage of using stand up pouch

Strong Branding & Marketing

Rotogravure printing – the bright colours and graphic opportunities, strengthens brand presentation and recognition, ability to stand up on shelves, strong visual impression for sales

Advantage of using stand up pouch

Excellent Barrier Properties

Improve shelf life and protect the product from of moisture, oxygen, light, infestation, odour etc. or a combination of these

Advantage of using stand up pouch

Cost Reductions

Cost-effective light-weight packaging and transport, low material costs for pouches.

Advantage of using stand up pouch

Environment Friendly

Low packaging waste to dispose, recyclable, reusable and more environmentally-friendly

Advantage of using stand up pouch

Product Visibility

Visibility of products before purchasing through the use of transparent pouches or window pouches.

Advantage of using stand up pouch

Perfect for special applications and purposes

Customized pouches for special uses with microwavable, sterilizable, and pasteurizable material.

How stand-up pouches boost your business?

For Manufacturers

For the manufacturer, stand-up pouch packaging helps save on shipping costs as pouches are far lighter than bottles and jars. This allows for shipping of more product and less packaging, and are also space saving. Bottles, jars and cans take up a lot of room on trucks and in warehouses, but pouch material is supplied in roll form. Cost reduction is another benefit as stand-up pouches are less expensive than bottles, jars and cans.

For Retailers

The stand-up pouch also ends up benefiting the retailer once the product hits the shelf. With a flat front, the stand-up pouch is ideal for large graphics explaining what's inside (and the back provides plenty of room to meet labeling requirements.) It also allows for multiple display options as pouches can stand on flat shelves or can be hung from hooks at aisle-ends or on carousels. High shelf utilization is another benefit as less weight and more rectangular shape mean more product in a given length of shelving.

Flexible packaging – in every sense of the word

Boxes, cans and jars allow only so little packaging design options and stifle creativity. Stand up pouches, on the other hand, leave artists free to create virtually whichever packaging design they like. And that’s not all! Not only does flexible packaging allow the most interesting and gorgeous packaging designs, it also costs little to produce – no matter how colourful or ‘out of the box’ the design may be.

Stand up pouches are cheap to ship

When it comes to shipment costs, every gram and millimetre of packaging counts. Now, this is where stand up pouches really shine! For one, they are easy and cheap to have delivered to your site because they are so lightweight and hardly take up any space when flat. Once filled, stand up pouches still take up little space as they can be easily arranged in bunches to fit any box or stockroom. Secondly, a packaging designer who knows the tricks of the trade can easily tweak his design so that the pouches take up even less space!


Stand-up pouches packaging not only meets the needs of consumers for product display, but also saves material resources and transportation costs for manufacturers and suppliers. The concept of catering to green consumption is an indispensable packaging option in the packaging market!

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