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If paper bags are what your company needs to succeed, Primepac has you covered! With nearly unlimited customization options, sizes, sustainable materials, recyclability, and competitive pricing, Primepac is your one-stop solution to paper bag packaging. From large natural kraft grocery bags with handles to small white paper sacks, Primepac has it all.

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Our paper bags can be created from your choice of durable, sustainable materials including natural kraft paper for a more organic look, wax paper bags for grease and water resistance, or white paper bags for a crisp, clean packaging solution.

While we offer a selection of standard paper bag options, including bags with handles, brown bags, grocery bags, white bags, lunch bags, merchandise bags, and wax paper bags, we can also completely customize our paper bags.

The exteriors of our paper bags are suitable for colour printing or custom embossing, and provide the perfect canvas for UV stickers and stamps. However your brand gets its message across, we can accommodate!


Not only does Primepac offer a myriad of materials and style options, they can also be customized to your perfect size – standard or not. From sandwich bags to lunch sacks to baguette and bakery bags, Primepac truly can create (and deliver) it all.

With unlimited customizable options, recyclability, and portability, Primepac is your first choice for all your paper bag packaging needs.

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Three-side sealed pouches work well with several different industries, from laundry detergent to snack food.

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