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Popular Custom packaging trends in Australia 2020

by UatVisibee

.  April 10, 2020


The custom packaging market is surging rapidly these days. As a result of increasing consumption throughout the world. And the popularity of packaging trends in Australia has greatly fueled the growth of the global packaging market. The custom packaging market in Australia is not an exception.

Today, we are going to talk about custom packaging trends in Australia.

Custom packaging trends now

As a matter of fact, products with nice-looking packaging comes with better quality. A study about packaging trends in Australia reveals that 68% of consumers believe it. Consumers are willing to spend more money on well-packaged products.

The Australian plastic packaging market is valued at USD 356.2 million in 2020 and is expected to reach USD 442.5 million by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 3.8% during the forecast period (2021 to 2026). Polyethylene terephthalate (PETE or PET) is commonly found in most plastic packaging products in the country. Macquarie University says Australians buy about 118,000 tons of plastic beverage bottles each year, despite 250 rigorous inspections of tap water by Australian water companies. Based on such projections, existing packaging manufacturers can be seen to have increased their ability to meet the scale of domestic demand and packaging trends in Australia.

What kinds of packaging products are making the trend today? Keep reading, we have a list for you.

Generally, the following packaging products are the key players in today’s custom packaging market.

  1. Flexible Packaging
  2. Personalized Packaging
  3. Digital Print Packaging
  4. Recycled Packaging
  5. Clean Label Packaging

And we are going to talk about them one by one.

1. Flexible Packaging

In packaging trends in Australia, Flexible packaging gains its popularity with unique advantages over the others. Products with flexible packaging are easier to store and care about.

Another reason that makes it so popular is less material consumption.

Moreover, products with flexible packaging usually take less space. As we all know, the more space it costs, the more money you pay. Just look at the real estate market today.

When it comes to shipping and storage, when you save the space, you save your money!

2. Personalized Packaging

Personalization can be one of the words you hear the most in the retail business today. The retail business stands in front of a place dealing with customers. No need to mention the importance of it provided the growing consumption for packaging trends in Australia.

And personalization is now a defining factor for high sales in many businesses. Famous brands have never stopped their effort in customization to seize the trend. See the various shapes of the packagings and the printed lines on it? There you go.

3. Digital Print Packaging

As mentioned above about packaging trends in Australia, personalization has become the pet of the consumers. Digital printing packaging largely shares benefits.

Why? I am sure you can find the answer by yourself. Just think about how the lines get their marks on the packaging for packaging trends in Australia.

There are times you want to surprise your love with magic words in packaging trends in Australia. And you want them to appear together with a gift in beautiful packaging. In this case, the digital print packaging just helps you out.

All this printing demand for personalization leads to the digital printing packaging trend in Australia. The growth of digital presses has far preceded conventional presses as a result.

4. Recycled Packaging

While you find it fun to personalize your packaging, being friendly to the environment can be a plus. The popularity of environmental protection helps recycled packaging get its place in the packaging trend.

More and more people like you are showing their care for our environment. Actions in reducing waste and pollution by disposable materials prevail today. Recycling is one of the solutions.

Recycled Packaging seizes the custom packaging trend in Australia by using recyclable materials, and reducing the use of harmful substances in packaging.

Amcor, for example, the Australian global leading company in the packaging industry. Now, the company focuses on providing packaging products of recyclable and reusable materials.

In January 2018, Amcor has pledged to develop all its packaging products to be recyclable or reusable by 2025.

Meanwhile, advancements in modern technology are making recycling easier and easier.

5. Clean Label Packaging

Honesty has always been fundamental in the business world. This leads to the packaging trend in Australia of clean labeling.

Clean label packaging comes with the idea to provide transparent information to the customers. You might find some labels with full detail of the ingredients of the product. For example, you probably found what makes the medicine on its packaging. And its side effects as well.

Studies revealed that consumers want to know what their food contains. And 50% of them would like to find out the answer by scanning the packages. In this case, a clean label just eases them. Because they will not have to use their phones particularly when the network doesn’t work well.

If you are one of them, the prevalence of clean labeling might not surprise you in the custom packaging domain in Australia, as a result.

Finished all the content above? Congratulation! You probably have found it out. Nowadays, more and more sellers use the package as part of their marketing strategy meeting the packaging trends in Australia.

No kidding, product packaging can help you boost your sales!

If you want to know more, just keep reading.

Consumers care for the packaging

Today, consumers care more about packaging than ever. If you value the product quality and agree that quality is the core successful business, don’t save your bucks on the packages.

After all, the product packaging is another defining factor of the quality of the product as a whole.

The packaging is the protection of the goods

You don’t want your custom crystal watch to come damaged before you enjoy its beauty. Ignore that if you just generously accept that imperfection is another way of beauty.

Damages can easily happen without good protection, especially when your goods come from another place.

As a result of the rapid growth of eCommerce, shopping overseas has been a fashion. Your goods probably travel a long distance before delivery to your hand. Some journeys are long enough to go around the world.

In this case, you surely realize the importance of safe shipment. After all, it is the very first guarantee of your product’s safety meeting the packaging trends in Australia.

Besides, the packaging can directly affect your sales performance.

The packaging is the face of your brand

You are looking for 2 necklaces for your girlfriend. They both come with shining quality. And the prices of both do not show much difference. It is really hard for you to make a decision. I know.

But later, you find one comes with decent packaging. And the other one just in a small little paper box. You probably find this box easily everywhere you walk around. Now, what is your choice?

I guess the difference is obvious between the two, after the comparison of the packages.

There’s no need to mention the effect of appearance on the user experience.

Therefore, think twice when you choose the packaging products for your goods.

Not that you understand the importance of custom packaging, how to make your brand distinguishing by packaging solutions then? No worries, the advice is below.

How to boost your sales in the custom packaging trend

1. Make it beautiful

Do you believe in love at first sight? It truly happens. A good-looking design will definitely help improve your package.

So, the first piece of advice – make it so beautiful as art that your customers will take photos and share on SNS. If you still remember, Obama got a bunch of votes by the campaign on SNS. And he finally won the election.

Once your packaging is beautiful enough, you will find a way to the trend. After all, getting the traffic is the first step of trending the business.

2. Go green and eco-friendly

Not that the eco-friendly products are trending the way of custom packaging in Australia. It’s wised to join the trend. It also helps establish your reputation in the community by being responsible for our environment.

Your brand draws attention when you care more about society when making money. Bonus points to brand awareness when customers recognize your efforts in the good deeds for the public.

So, choose a packaging solution that adds ecological value to your business. As the other big brands get eco-friendly elements into their product cycle, you will earn your traffic by being part of the circle.

3. Get your packaging into the hits

Remember the lines on the bottle label of a coke? And the sweet words appeared together on the box of your necklace. Packaging can convey important messages as you know.

Invite digital printing to be part of the game, personalize your boxes along with the hitting topics on google. Look at the loving eyes of the customers. Your seasonal promotion is going to hit soon!

4. Make full use of your packaging

Under the popularity of being eco-friendly in the packaging market. Most people would not mind using packaging with recycled material, as long as the quality is good enough. After all, this is one easy thing to do but a contribution to reducing the carbon footprint.

Get packaging by recycled material into your packaging solution. And encourage your customers to make more use of your packaging. Both of them show your actions in the eco-friendly trend. Also, give more exposure to your branding.

5. Add values to your label

Since clean labeling is trending in the business, you might as well play along.

Where there is space, there is the way. Enlightenment by the thriving market of real-estate. And so is your packaging.

Make use of the space on your packaging. Tell your customers more about the products. So, they feel more of your care.

Like you fetch some material to cook for your dinner. The vendor tells you where they grow the vegetables and how to cook on the packaging. And, I could see your truly beautiful smile for it.


In conclusion, the 5 stars in the custom packaging market are trending the game. They are flexible packaging, personalized packaging, digital print packaging, recycled packaging, and clean label packaging.

Along with the custom packaging trend, there are 5 pieces of advice. Hopefully, they will help you seize the trend and make some money taking advantage of the growth of the custom packaging market.

Last but not least, we have prepared a dish of packaging solutions for your reference.

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