The packaging industry has witnessed visible growth and advancements. With new international brands making their way to the packaging industry, the options, styles, colors, and designs of packaging have seen a swift upgrade. The shaped pouches come in all different kinds of shapes, from bananas, apples, strawberries to hexagon-shaped pouches.

The custom-shaped pouches can pack various products from liquids to dry fruits. These come with various closures, from shaped pouches with zippers, to shaped spout pouches, and much more. The shape is the advantage that helps your brand stand out on the shelf.

In this article, you’ll know what’s shaped pouches? What is the advantage of shaped pouches and how’re the ways to use shaped pouches in marketing!

# Environment-Friendly:

Since it is a major concern these days, it will be a generous and wise decision to look for new methods of mitigating resource utilization to cut down their increasing raw material cost. These packaging formats are an amazing way of protecting our environment as they help save capital on raw material cost as it consumes less plastic to produce these stands up or spout pouches than those rigid bulk jars.

Shaped pouches are named according to their main feature, i.e. shape. They have an irregular shape compared to regular pouches. Today, brands are using unique shapes for their packaging to attract consumers, increase brand awareness, and in many cases better function as packaging.

Whats shaped pouches?

Shaped pouches are packaging pouches that are manufactured in such a way that they come in various shapes and sizes. A lot of product sellers use them because they come in shapes that would bring out the aesthetics of their product and make it more appealing.

Shaped pouches can be designed to stand up or flat as a three side seal pouch – whatever shapes packages suitable to make your products best and attractive.


The major reason for flexible packaging getting popularity is that solid materials can be carried around in some ways but it is impossible to carry liquid products if the packaging is broken. This is why it is important for all the food & beverage manufacturing firms to employ flexible pouch packaging methods to save their products and to increase their supply.

Wondering how? Here are some perks of utilizing bottle shaped pouches and spout pouches for liquid or fluid content.

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# More Choices:

Yes! This might interest you as this pouch packaging offers the choice to shape it however you want to and can be printed with all the required and vital information. Spout packaging is incredibly great even for edible content that is suitable for kids as they can pop the spout easily and can consume the content.

# Low Cost-Involvement:

As mentioned earlier, these bottle-shaped or side gusset pouches help save money that you can invest in something efficient and more important. You can save capital as you will be using fewer resources and fewer raw materials.

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Ways to Use Shaped Pouches in Marketing

Shaped pouches can greatly enhance marketing efforts, allowing a company to differentiate from the rest. Here are some ways to use this modern promotion & packaging technique as a marketing tool.

Promote Shelf Products:

first of all, shaped pouches can be created in various sizes and shapes, being customized according to the customers’ feedback. Customers are more attracted to the design of a product that looks unique. For instance, you can create a toothpaste tube for toothpaste or a pasta tube for pasta.

Endless Printing Possibilities:

you can print your pouch using rotogravure, flexographic, or offset printing methods. Hence, you can create shaped pouches with vibrant colors and photos, vivid logos, or strikethrough letters.

Give Away Small Pouches at Events:

small pouches can be offered for free at an event, whether it is a presentation, exposition, trade show, or meeting. This is a good method to make your brand famous among potential customers.

Capitalize on the Power of Social Media:

create a Facebook fan page and promote your shaped pouches design extensively. People will definitely want to try out your products just because you are packing them in shaped pouches.

Custom Shaped Pouches Are The New Way For Packaging:

Stand up pouches might not be completely new in the packaging world, but it was sure revolutionizing the industry. Despite the success, there still exists the mass that is unaware of the importance of packaging and the opportunities they are missing out on by not cashing these. Pouch packaging is especially vital since the manufacturers of food items, chemicals and foodstuff like soup are often in search of leak-proof and spill-proof packaging.

Here’s a brief explanation as to why shaped pouches, spout pouches and other variants of shaped pouches are the ideal ones to suffice the specific packaging needs:

  1. The aesthetic quotient is high. They look great on the store’s shelf and have the ability to grab customer’s attention.
  2. Imagination drives the packaging, these have enough opportunity for you to work on.
  3. Shaped pouches are available in plenty of closure options, zipper closure, sliders, stickers, or reclosable zippers.
  4. The material used for the pouches may be plastic, aluminum laminates, which offers outside protection and improves the freshness that breaks down once exposed to oxygen.
  5. The ease of use and convenience offered by these are incomparable, which makes them ideal for dry as well as wet content.

8 tips criteria to determine the sustainability of shaped pouches packaging.

First, the final packaging product should be safe, healthy, and beneficial both to the consumers and the community throughout its life cycle.

Second, the packaging product should be made from eco-friendly materials so that there is a slim chance of harming the environment.

Third, the packaging product should be optimally designed to perfectly optimize both materials and energy.

Fourth, the packaging product should meet the market criteria both for performance and cost-wise to squeeze out the maximum benefit of it.

Fifth, the packaging product is manufactured using clean production technologies, processes, and industry best practices complying with FDA rules and regulations.

Sixth, the final packaging product should optimize the very best use of recycled and renewable source materials.

Seventh, renewable energy should be the driving force for sourcing, manufacturing, recycling, and transportation of the final packaging product.

Eighth, the last but not least, it has to be made sure that the final packaging product that can be a pouch, bag, or some other type of packaging is recovered and utilized biological and/or industrial closed-loop cycles.

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Advantage of shaped pouches packaging:

Shaped pouches packaging is customizable to the extreme.

It can be tailored to fit your needs. Manufacturers can virtually make the packaging of any shape and size to suit your product, brand, and other business needs. This ability gives manufacturers an edge over the competition.

Shaped pouches packaging is made from high-grade materials. PrimePac uses FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved food grade materials that are contaminant-free and perfectly safe. Manufacturers can enhance this safety by including additional features such as ultraviolet protection.

Shaped pouches packaging is reusable. Features such as zip locks, spouts, and resealable seals make usage more convenient. With consumers increasingly looking for more convenience, these features can provide manufacturers just what they need to increase sales.

The gusseted bottom in flexible packaging expands when a product is put into it. This is a useful feature for liquid food product manufacturers who want something flexible, but durable.

Finally, flexible packaging is more environmentally friendly as it does not take many resources to produce these pouches. At the same time, being green does not hurt the pockets of manufacturers.

Spout Pouch Packaging is an innovative product for liquid or powder products. The spout design offers more convenience in use and the flexible material will significantly reduce logistics costs compared to rigid bottles.

Spout Pouch Packaging is a fairly new but already important development in liquid product packaging. The fact that these sachets protect the liquid contents from vapors, odors, moisture, pests, pets, air, and/or light (depending on the nature of the particular contents) only scratches the surface of why spouted sachet packaging is superior to most other packaging packages.


Innovation and creativity in the packaging industry have surged in the last decade. Shaped pouches have become increasingly popular in this industry, revolutionizing everything we ever knew about packaging. This trend of using flexible pouches to promote a brand, a product, or a service, has not only captured the hearts and minds of the consumers but has taken over major stores’ aisles. Whether we’re talking about drink pouches or those used in the food, pet food, or pharmaceutical industry, these high-quality pouches allow for impressive graphics, taking visual marketing to a whole new level.

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