Spout Pouch

As one of the newer advances in packaging, spouted pouches are quickly becoming popular for products that would have once relied on rigid packaging. With innovative advances in materials and many more options for features becoming available every day, many of the world’s leading brands are converting to this easy-to-pack, easy-to-move form. Consumers also appreciate spouted pouch packaging for its distinctive shapes, spill control, and excellent resealing.

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The superior stand-up stability means it is easily stackable and utilizes all possible shelf space with maximum efficiency.

Five sides of available printable surface means your brand has five separate surfaces on which to shine.

Box pouches also offer the opportunity to use multiple types of material in one design. Clear side gussets can give your customer a preview of your product while still maintaining optimum product freshness with metallic packaging material.

Spouted pouches are popular for products such as the following:
Liquids Sauces Beverages
Powders Loose bulk items

Spouted pouches require advanced design and equipment expertise, both of which PrimePac is happy to offer in our extensive facilities. We can handle your conversion to spouted pouch design from start to finish, with no outsourcing required.

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