3-Side Sealed

Ideal for FFS machines and high-speed runs, a three-side sealed pouch is perfect for single serving products, from supplement powders to soups. With this design, three sides are sealed, with one side of the pouch left open for sealing. After the filling process, this can then be sealed for easy tear or with a pre-applied zipper to make the pouch resealable. The bottom seal can be gusseted for easy storage and display.

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The superior stand-up stability means it is easily stackable and utilizes all possible shelf space with maximum efficiency.

Five sides of available printable surface means your brand has five separate surfaces on which to shine.

Box pouches also offer the opportunity to use multiple types of material in one design. Clear side gussets can give your customer a preview of your product while still maintaining optimum product freshness with metallic packaging material.




We custom engineer many different versatile features that can be used to make your packaging attractive and convenient

Clear windows
Glossy and matte finishes
Rounded corners
Tear notches
Hanger holes

Make the most of your marketing and promotional messaging with a side gusset pouch. This durable, convenient packaging is best suited for product sizes 300g to 20kg and is available in a variety of different materials.

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Suitable for all these markets & more

Three-side sealed pouches work well with several different industries, from laundry detergent to snack food.

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