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Health packaging-a comprehensive introduction

by UatVisibee

.  October 13, 2020

Introduction to health packaging

Health packaging is a growing industry. And it should go over a lot of challenges. But also there are opportunities to take.

According to a website, its market forecast is growing at a compound annual growth rate of 6.3%.

Now, let’s analyze it carefully below:

The global population is now seriously aging which has also affected people’s lifestyles.

Besides, chronic diseases have become popular in recent years. And this has also increased people’s demand for health products and services.

These factors have stimulated the growth of the global market in the healthcare industry.

Therefore, the rapid growth of the global healthcare industry is also a key factor to continuously improve the global market of healthy packaging.

In this process, people’s functional requirements for medical and health-care packaging products have also been continuously improved.

In this emerging industry, people prefer products with humanized functions.

Meanwhile, product safety procedures and tracking systems can enhance product safety. Therefore, people also pay attention to this aspect when buying products.

The new products launched by the Health packaging industry are also aimed at meeting people’s needs.

So, for people who don’t understand this industry or who need these products, what should they know?

The following article will introduce you in detail.

First, let’s take a look at why the packaging of health care products is important.


the health packaging

Why is health packaging important?


Below, we understand its importance in two aspects: medicine and health packaging.


Health packaging for medicine

For drugs, they have to maintain their effects when they are delivered.

Plastics are ideal for transporting and storing complex equipment, drugs, and other medical devices. Whether it’s basic medical supplies such as IV bags and syringes, or life-saving medical equipment such as incubators and dialysis machines, plastics help improve health and save lives around the world.

Then, the main functions are as follows:

  1. We all know that medicines have a shelf life. In order to achieve the expected shelf life, people need to choose packaging materials with high barrier properties. Moreover, it also complies with the requirements of the FDA and other regulatory agencies.
  2. Also, the safety of the drug. That means the environment and deteriorate will not affect the drug during transportation. Meanwhile, the drug will not release harmful substances during transportation. And the health packaging has the correct moisture and oxygen resistance. So it can make reach the goals. At this time, effective and hearlth packaging maintains the integrity of the drug.
  3. After people accept a drug, this drug needs long-term development in the market. Therefore, drugs also need to be sustainable. In this way, it can develop in the supply chain. Therefore, effective and health packaging can enable drugs to overcome many uncertain factors. Thus, it guarantees the supply of medicines to a certain extent.
  4. For patients, they are drug-dependent. This includes whether the medicine is easy to use. In this token, health packaging can ensure the proper dosages for both short-term and long-term products.
drugs packaging

What’s the point of the health packaging


  1. People use the latest processing technology and polymer chemical technology to produce flexible materials. Meanwhile, these materials are in the lowest cost range. Moreover, they can meet the required performance.
  2. For medical equipment and drugs, the product must be stable. This requires people to ensure the tightness of the product. Therefore, tightness is also one of the necessary properties of health packaging. Moreover, with the development of the market, this has also become a performance that many merchants must consider when buying products.
  3. As for performance, people will conduct strict tests on health packaging. And this can ensure that its mandatory performance meets the required standards.
  4. Besides, people reduce the source of raw materials. Moreover, people have reduced their carbon footprint. Therefore, people use new material substitutes. Meanwhile, this has become part of the health packaging decision-making field.
  5. In recent years, other retailers have imposed mandatory requirements on the performance of packaged products. So these properties have been transformed from good properties to necessary properties for health packaging.

Above, we simply understand its importance.

Next, let’s understand the specific information about health packaging.


Health medicine for drugs

Drug packaging needs to meet the drug packaging needs of independent pharmacies, long-term care institutions, and hospitals. Moreover, it has to meet the requirements of other market sectors and packaging merchants.

Drug packaging includes unit-dose drugs, drug packaging, equipment packaging, bar code, and labeling systems. Meanwhile, it has to meet MPI-certified materials. Moreover, some packages have label software.

Now, let us understand these aspects one by one.

First, let’s take a look at the bar code of the drug packaging.


Bar code- a part of the health packaging

For large drug manufacturers, the bar codes of some serialized unit-dose products can help release their internal resources. At the same time, it enables employees to devote more time to other core care products. So, it simplifies one of the most complicated parts of the job.

For the patient, the manufacturer links the relevant information of the medicine to the barcode. Therefore, patients can easily and reliably obtain proper treatment methods through the bar code. Meanwhile, by scanning the bar code, the nursing staff can correctly identify the compatible medicine.

Therefore, high-quality bar code products need to achieve these goals.


bar code

Liquid packaging

The liquid food packaging market, for dairy, soups, and beverages, is showing steady global growth, driven especially by the consumer’s need for greater convenience. Folding carton offers strong advantages as a container choice because of its recyclability, capability for easy pouring, and strong point-of-sale marketing potential.

In fact, pharmacies can dispense liquid medications themselves.

However, for liquid medicine, its packaging task is cumbersome. Moreover, it is expensive and time-consuming.

Therefore, people created a liquid unit measurement packaging.

In this way, medical staff can have more time to do more important tasks. Moreover, people can also save more money and time to get the same medical services.

For oral liquid, its packaging and liquid unit dosage have similar benefits.

However, the thickness and size of its cups have corresponding specifications. And this not only provides convenience for nursing staff but also helps patients use drugs correctly.

Therefore, liquid unit-dose packaging can promote high-quality health-care services on the whole.


Unit dose drug packaging and labeling system

For different usages, the situations of the packaging industry are also different.


Emergency care facility

Emergency care institutions need to carefully tailor medicines according to the unique needs of each patient. Correspondingly, their packaging also requires customization. To meet various packaging requirements, manufacturers can not only sell packages in bundles but also sell them individually.

At the same time, packaging manufacturers will carefully customize complete solutions for different cases.

And, All of them are carefully customized according to the unique needs of each customer.


Why the customized health packaging is important?

If it is an excellent medical packaging design, consumers can associate their needs with drug information at the first sight of it.

Moreover, medical packaging is different from other commodities. So,it plays a role in checking, treating, and preventing diseases.

Meanwhile, it has a direct relationship with people’s lives, so it is special. Besides, different drugs have different packaging requirements.

Therefore, when packaging, people also have special requirements.

Next, let’s take a look at the main points of medical packaging.


The health packaging has certain restrictions

When packaging, it is different from other types of goods in that it has many restrictions.

For example, when packaging medicines, it is necessary to display all aspects of information that consumers need on a small packaging box. Moreover, it includes the name, volume, active ingredients, usage methods, and precautions of the drug, etc. In addition, if it is a dangerous drug or a highly toxic drug, people also need to display it through text and specific images.

The health packaging needs to be more rigorous

Due to the rigor of medical treatment, the color and image of medical packaging design cannot be as fancy, changeable, and free as other products.

So this is the main reason why the medical packaging we see is usually similar and lacks novel changes.


People pay attention to the accurate use of colors

Usually, people choose the color of the package according to the patient’s condition.

For example, some severely ill patients are relatively depressed. Such as cancer, uremia, patients with advanced liver cirrhosis. Therefore, people choose warm colors with high brightness and saturation. And it looks more warm and relaxed.

However, if it is a blood pressure-lowering drug, it is best not to use high-color red when designing the package. Because red has a certain irritation.

And it will make our cerebral cortex in an over-excited state. Thus, this has a bad influence on the condition to some extent. Meanwhile, it may cause vasoconstriction and increase blood pressure.

So, the colors of health packaging are important. And you can customize them according to your products.


packaging color

Extended care pharmacy used the health packaging

For nursing pharmacies, there are many different services such as extended care and long-term care.

Therefore, sometimes it is necessary to pack solid and liquid drugs in the form of cycles of 7 days or less. This facilitates the use of patients.

At the same time, for the different drugs and specific needs of different patients, labels can help nurses to distinguish drugs. This not only allows them to reduce a lot of work but also avoids some unexpected situations.

Moreover, these packaging materials and labeling machines need to be suitable for maintaining compliance with the short-period distribution model specified by CMS in the LTC and EC pharmacy environment.


The small pharmacy used the health packaging

Some small drug manufacturers and contract drug manufacturing organizations make small batches of products on high-speed packaging lines. And it is difficult for them to achieve profitability.

However, high-quality unit-dose packaging has an easy-to-use design and a lower price. Therefore, this is very suitable for small drug manufacturers and contract drug manufacturing organizations.

Moreover, they all comply with FDA requirements. Meanwhile, they have high barrier properties and dryer bags. So, this ensures the shelf life of the drug.


Blister pack-a kind of the health packaging

Drugs need extra protection under some extreme conditions. For example, the tropical climate.

Moreover, some products are highly sensitive to moisture. Therefore, they also need additional protection.

In this situation, ordinary packaging can no longer meet these needs.

Therefore, people use blister packaging to solve these problems.

Moreover, it is convenient for patients to carry blister packs. Therefore, even during the journey, patients can use it conveniently.

Now here is an example.

Antibiotics are highly sensitive to moisture. Moreover, its main application market is Pakistan. Therefore, GSK, which produces it, has developed a dry blister system with a special cover foil. This effectively protects the effect of the antibiotic. And, people can safely ship antibiotics to Pakistan.

Of course, the effect of blister packaging is more than that.

Let’s take a closer look at them.


Advantages of blister health packaging

Compared with the glass bottle packaging of tablets before, the blister packaging has many advantages.


Other advantages

In addition, patients can use each tablet individually with the help of the new blister packaging. As a result, patients can easily keep track of the number of pills they have taken. At the same time, it provides an advantage from a patient compliance perspective.

Today, people can make new blister packaging colorful. Other counterfeit manufacturers have difficulty adding color while maintaining the packaging. As a result, it is much more difficult for people to make counterfeit medicines. Therefore, this ensures that patients can purchase real medicines.

And in the process of transportation and production, ordinary glass bottle packaging is easy to damage. Therefore, the use of blister packaging improves the safety of production line operators. At the same time, the loss rate of the product is reduced and the production efficiency is improved.

In addition, replacing broken materials can lead to waste. Therefore, the use of blister packaging more energy saving. And it can reduce pollution.

Because the new blister packs can trap and dry moisture, there is no need to insert a drying bag into the package. Therefore, it also simplifies the production line.


Sterilization cover

The sterilization cover is a series of sealing materials. Moreover, these sealing materials are peelable.

It can achieve high performance in the most demanding sterilization environment.

Therefore, it has a wide range of applications in ophthalmology.

Meanwhile, the sterilization cover has high tear resistance and puncture resistance. This ensures the safety of the product.


Cleaning packaging

Some medicines require very high cleanliness and that’s why packaging that can maintain high cleanliness was born.

People minimize the material components that may transfer in the main packaging and outer packaging. Therefore, this avoids interactions between bad products and packaging.

Moreover, this satisfies the growing demand for the sealing market.


Cold forming blister

Cold-formed drugs provide an impermeable barrier to moisture, light, oxygen, and other gases.

Moreover, a cold-forming blisters can extend the shelf life of drugs. Meanwhile, it has long-term resistance to delamination.

Therefore, a cold-formed blister can provide maximum product protection for cold-formed drugs.


Pharmaceutical health packaging

The outsourcing of medicines and medical products are ordinary outer packaging and mobile outer packaging.

And both of them can provide good protection for medicines and inner packaging.


DuPont Tyvek

It is a coating.

Moreover, it has excellent strength and microbial barrier properties.

Meanwhile, it is a coating that can be glass.

Next, let’s take a look at its performance.



  1. The full layer provides good peel-ability. Therefore, one can transfer the coating to various connected products.
  2. Its high-strength fiber mesh can resist puncture and tear. Moreover, it can block microorganisms. And this ensures the safety and effectiveness of drugs.
  3. Moreover, it has strong air permeability. Therefore, it’s suitable for the environment of ETO and gamma-ray sterilization.
  4. Besides, in the collection and recycling country, people can actually recycle this coating. Therefore, it is a sustainable choice.

The adaptability of Tyvek to sterilization methods

For medical devices and drugs, the compatibility of packaging and sterilization is equally important.

Next, let’s see if Tyvek can maintain its characteristics after several sterilization operations.



Ethylene oxide not easily adsorbs on DuPont™ Tyvek®.

Moreover, it can release ethylene oxide more quickly than from cellulosic materials such as medical packaging paper.

Meanwhile, after being sterilized by ethylene oxide, Tyvek still retains its superior strength and microbial barrier.

Radiation sterilization

But if people are exposed to the radiation doses commonly used in the medical device industry, their tensile strength, elongation, and color change only slightly.

However, compared with other porous materials, Tyvek can resist the brittleness that occurs after sterilization.

In addition, when people open the package, Travek can maintain its performance of low fur wear rate.

Meanwhile, Tyvek is a porous material. Therefore, it can produce radiation sterilization. And blow the smell away from the package.

However, nonporous materials can contain these odors in their packaging.

Importantly, Tyvek can easily withstand re-sterilization by gamma rays or electron beams. But the medical devices themselves are not. If people have been sanitized a second time, they can be gasified.

In addition, Trevek remains flexible after re-sterilization and continues to perform its excellent microbial barrier properties.


Gamma radiation

Even if people expose Tyvek to 100kGy gamma radiation, Tyvek still protects maintains superior microbial barrier properties.

Moreover, this has a limited impact on its strength characteristics.

Meanwhile, after people expose it to accelerated aging and real aging radiation, it still retains these characteristics.


Electron beam sterilization

After people exposed it to 100kGy electron beam radiation, DuPont Tyvek still maintained its superior microbial barrier characteristics and strength characteristics.

However, specific research on electron beam sterilization after aging has not been carried out yet.

And because of the stability of high-density polyethylene to radiation, people have not found any other effects except gamma radiation and some of the effects shown after aging.

Plasma/hydrogen peroxide sterilization

Tyvek is suitable for the sterilization system of Johnson & Johnson’s advanced sterilization products.

And this environmentally friendly alternative method of sterilization uses low-temperature gas plasma. Meanwhile, this can avoid the degradation of steam or the residue of ethylene oxide (EO).

However, the cellulose will neutralize the sterilant.

So, people cannot put medical packaging paper, including high-pressure steam sterilization paper bags, and use with the STERRAD system.

Besides, after multiple doses of low-temperature oxidation sterilization, the water resistance of the material may be changed.

Therefore, people should pay attention to package integrity and the choice of test methods.


Steam sterilization


It has been proven that Travek can be steam-sterilized under controlled conditions. Moreover, the results meet the test criteria.

For this reason, Travek is often used as a steam-sterilized packaging solution for commercial medical equipment.

In addition, if you need a sturdy, fiber-free, steam-sterilized seal, Travek is still superior to medical wrapping paper. Besides, it maintains dimensional stability and integrity under standard control conditions. And it doesn’t change its color.

However, rigid or semi-rigid pallets limit the possible shrinkage. As a result, this may cause the slip to tighten or tighten. At the same time, its contraction rate is less than 1.6%.

After 30 minutes of steam sterilization at 260°F, Travek retained its tensile strength and microbial barrier properties.


gamma sterilization
Bio-compatibility after sterilization

People use ISO 10993 and “United States Pharmacopoeia” (USP) test methods for biological evaluation.

And it turns out that these products meet all acceptable performance standards.

Moreover, people extinguished Tyvek samples through ethylene oxide, gamma rays, and electron beams.

After the bacteria method was sterilized, they also tested it. Meanwhile, the test proved that Tyvek® met all qualified performance standards after sterilization which means that even after sterilization, Tyvek can still maintain standard bio-compatibility.


Customer benefits by using this health packaging

  1. First, it adds protection to expensive drugs.
  2. Moreover, its paint transfer can show the integrity of the seal. Meanwhile, this prevents resealing. Therefore, it is very suitable for situations that require stamping.


  1. Heat sealing paint
  2. Tyvek

Application field of this health packaging

  1. Health care
  2. Wound care
  3. Tubing and collection system
  4. Diagnosis
  5. Orthopedics
  6. Minimally invasive devices
  7. Injection system
  8. Electronic mechanical equipment
  9. Curtains and protective materials
  10. Catheters, guide wires, and stent

Therefore, this coating not only has good performance but also has a wide range of applications.


Eastar 6763

Eastar 6763 is a transparent amorphous material and its toughness is very good. Meanwhile, it has good melt strength. During use, it will not produce dust and stress whitening.

Moreover, it has good heat sealability. This is very convenient for both cutting and thermal forming. Meanwhile, people can easily mold it. Besides, some cases need color. And people use toner to color Eastar 6763.  Moreover, people can reach the goals of dry coloring and liquid coloring.

As for safe sterilization, people can use ethylene oxide, radiation, and electron beams for safe sterilization. Therefore, it will not cause performance loss or color cast.

Moreover, it is very suitable for various applications. Such as medical health packaging, cosmeticspersonal care health packaging, food, and beverage packaging, as well as displays and signs.


Ecdel 9966 elastomer

It is a co-polyester elastomer without plasticizes. And it can provide the transparency, toughness, flexibility, and chemical resistance required for various flexible and health packaging.

Moreover, when people sterilize it by radiation, electron beam, ethylene oxide, and autoclave, its performance is stable.

And its medium inherent viscosity makes it a good general-purpose elastomer.

Meanwhile, people can use it for injection molding.


Edel elastomer 9967

Ecdel 9967 elastomer is also a COPE without plasticizes.

And its toughness is good. So, people can complete the standard injection molding by using it. Moreover, people can also process it on blow molding, profile foundation, and film extrusion equipment.

If there needs good melt strength, its high intrinsic viscosity can make it.

Moreover, it is chemically resistant. People can use radiation, electron beam, ethylene oxide, and autoclave to sterilize. Moreover, its performance is very stable during these operations.

Meanwhile, Ecdel 9967 elastomer meets ISO 10993 and or USP Class VI bio-compatibility requirements. Therefore, its chemical resistance is very good.

Besides, it can provide transparency for medical and pharmaceutical.


Health packaging for medical equipment

When developing new medical device innovations, people usually think that health packaging is a secondary factor.

But the right packaging is very important to launch products quickly and successfully.

Moreover, to make good packaging, people need to understand the challenges that each device brings to the health packaging system.

And, in order to avoid the risk of product transportation from the equipment manufacturers to the point of use, manufacturers will work with experienced medical health packaging professionals.

In this way, they can understand the efficacy of health packaging. Moreover, manufacturers will tailor the packaging they need. This contributes to the availability of the equipment provided by people during care.


Specific reasons for health packaging for the medical machines.


The primary packaging of sterile medical devices prevents re-contamination of products after sterilization.

And it should provide an effective microbial barrier.

So this allows the passage of air and sterile.

Moreover, when people use dust-free storage or materials immediately, the primary packaging is sterile during storage and transportation.

But at the end of a correct disinfection process, the disinfection products in the disinfection room are sterile. However, the air in the room where the sterilizer is installed contains dust particles.

Therefore, this may carry microorganisms.

Moreover, when people remove the load from the sterilizer, it will soon be difficult to maintain sterility. Therefore, sterile medical device packaging is essential. Generally, sterile items can be used after being stored for a period of time.

And people need to transport them from the hospital to where they are needed. Obviously, if it is not protected, the goods will definitely be contaminated again when they are used. Besides, the product must be sterilized before health packaging.

In addition, health packaging protection is to avoid damage to sterile medical devices during loading, unloading, and transportation.


medical machine


It is a three-way split nylon film.

People use advanced casting extrusion technology and wide slitting technology to make films.

Moreover, the new multilayer film configuration has a sensitive monitoring system.

Now, people can produce thin films as thin as 50 microns. This enables one to track the thickness of each layer individually across the width of the web.

Next, let’s take a look at its advantages.


Advantages of films | Health packaging

Compared to the paper packaging, the new film has higher transport resistance. Meanwhile, the thinner film reduces material consumption while also maintaining transportation resistance. This benefits supply chain costs and processing time. Moreover, it also reduces the cost of materials.

(If you’re interested in the paper packaging, you can check here All You Need To Know About The Paper Packaging.)

Moreover, its resistance enables it to meet growing regulatory requirements.

From the user’s point of view, the thinner film also saves them costs.

And the new film has a variety of specifications. Therefore, people can choose the specifications that best meet the specific product. So this is also good for avoiding risks.

Using the new multilayer casting technology, people can produce up to 11 layers of film. Therefore, it can have safe, durable, and cost-effective medical device health packaging.

Besides, people have made innovations in nylon on the new film surface. Therefore, hard-quality products, it has a higher resistance to transmission. Moreover, the multilayer nylon layer can resist tearing, puncture, and abrasion.

And this enhances the sterile barrier system of the film.


Ultra bag system

Ultra bags are sturdy, puncture-resistant bags. Therefore, people can sterilize reusable medical devices with steam and hydrogen peroxide.

Moreover, whether it is a single instrument, a surgical tray, or a sensitive endoscope assembly, the Ultra bag system can provide them with a sterile environment.

Besides, people combine a tough and puncture-resistant porous fiber mesh with a transparent top film to make an ultra-small bag.

Moreover, it can withstand the pressure of transportation and handling. This can ensure the sterility of the equipment during use. People usually use it in the health packaging of reusable small equipment or small equipment trays in hospitals which can provide a sterile barrier system for these devices.

Moreover, BOP film bags are suitable for steam, ETO, and formaldehyde sterilization. Meanwhile, people can cut it into the required size or the form of the liner on the reel. Therefore, it can be used as a prefabricated bag. Some pouches have steam and ETO sterilization indicators.

Besides, even if the pouches are the same size, they can slide into each other. This achieves double health packaging. So this is the concept of nesting bags.

Below, we take a look at its other features.


  1. People prepare a non-breaking PP film for the pouch. Therefore, people can minimize the risk of tearing when opening the bag.
  2. The BOP bag seal is composed of 3 ribbed areas. And the film is colored. Therefore, it is possible to visually evaluate the quality of the seal.
  3. Medical grade film can achieve effective sealing. Moreover, one can minimize the fiber produced during the opening process.
  4. Because the indicator ink is between the PET and PP layers, this reduces the risk of ink migration.
Customer benefits
  1. Ultra bag system can clearly display the equipment. Therefore, the visibility of the device is high. And this allows the user to quickly identify the appropriate device.
  2. Proven sealing, high porosity, and hard packaging materials can ensure sterility.
  3. Easy aseptic operation. Ultra bags have a clean peeling system. This greatly reduces the release of paper fibers. Thus, this minimizes the risk of tearing.
  4. Its nesting concept can minimize the use of packaging materials. And this not only saves costs but also saves energy.


Polypropylenepaper, OPET


Application field

Health care products, medical products, hospitals.



INTEGRAPAK is a sterile barrier system made of two SMS nets. It is suitable for packaging and steam sterilization in hospitals.

Besides, you can pack reusable surgical instrument trays in prefabricated bags.

  1. It has process indicators that comply with ISO 11140-1.
  2. Moreover, it has excellent peel-ability. Therefore, people can open it in a sterile environment to display the objects inside.
  3. It has high mechanical strength.
  4. The material has strong flexibility.
Customer benefits

It is convenient when people use it for aseptic operations.

Moreover, it has various sizes for people to choose from.


customer benefits



Eastar™ 6763 co-polyester- a kind of the health packaging

It is a transparent rigid medical packaging. Moreover, its standards have a history of more than 20 years.

Eastar copolyester can provide excellent puncture resistance and impact toughness.

Moreover, it can maintain its good transparency before and after sterilization. And this includes ethylene oxide, radiation, electron beam, and plasma sterilization.

Meanwhile, people can easily perform extrusion, cutting, printing, and sealing using it.

Moreover, it does not contain bisphenols and plasticizers.

Not only that but in today’s healthcare environment, it has good resistance to chemicals.

And these include IPA and lipids.

Moreover, it meets the standard effective microbial barrier.

In recent years, its materials have won Jinjiang in terms of utilization, water resources management, and social equity. And it won a platinum award in material health.

Therefore, it has not been impacted by new products. Moreover, in general, it can provide a powerful and beautiful complete package.


Eastman Tritan™ MP100 co-polyester | Health packaging


Eastman Tritan co-polyester is also an elastomer without a speed-increasing agent. However, after sterilization, it can provide better transparency and color than Easter 6763. Moreover, its heat resistance is better. Therefore, it can shorten the ETO cycle time at higher sterilization temperatures. Meanwhile, it can reduce the risk of warpage and adhesion. This provides a good aseptic environment.

Not only that, but it can also maintain its good performance in low-temperature environments. In addition, Tritan MP100 has higher heat resistance. Meanwhile, certain rigid medical packaging requires strong toughness. Tritan MP100 is also available. Moreover, manufacturers can redesign its weight and size. Therefore, this reduces secondary packaging.

Usually, people will make a more rapid accelerated aging Tritan MP100 protocol. This enables faster and more reliable shelf life verification.


Eastman Eastalite™ copolyester


Eastalite co-polyester is a foamed co-polyester resin.

When it is squeezed out in flakes, people can cut it with minimal particles or angel hair. So, this saves processing and inspection time.

At the same time, this also reduces waste and cleaning. Moreover, this can reduce costs. In this way, it can provide an effective microbial barrier. After careful design, it can replace opaque high-impact polystyrene.

Therefore, it is a safe and sustainable solid protection option. For its hinge, it has a longer life. And for its components, it does not contain substitutes for styrene, butadiene, BPA and BPS, PVC, halogens, or phthalates.

After understanding the types of medical device packaging, let’s take a look at what people have for their quality requirements.


Quality technical requirements of medical machine packaging


  1. First, their materials must effectively block microorganisms/bacteria ASTM F-1608.
  2. Moreover, they must adapt to the promised sterilization method ISO11134\ISO11135\ISO11137.
  3. Medical device packaging needs to maintain the sterility of the product. Therefore, air pollution, fiber breakage, dust, and other foreign objects, microbial invasion, these possibilities cannot occur in medical device packaging products
  4. In addition, the packaging must ensure that the materials included are not damaged. Therefore, it needs to have a complete seal and is suitable for peel strength, no penetration, no blasting, and clean peeling.
  5. Because there will have other processing after the packaging process, their materials may be suitable for subsequent processing. Moreover, when manufacturing materials, people need to minimize the shedding of particles. Such as fibers, flakes, ink shedding, dust.
  6. In order to prevent counterfeit products, there should be obvious traces showing that it was opened after someone opening the packaging. And for the same reason, people must be able to identify the product through the packaging. Moreover, one side of the packaging material should be transparent.
  7. Moreover, the unsealing port should not have any secondary sealability. And this can prevent the contamination of medical devices.
  8. In addition, people should mark the location and direction of opening the package. Moreover, it is very convenient for the user to open it.

Above all, the packaging for medical machines should meet these requirements.

Next,let’s see how the health packaging slove the problems happening frequently.


Solutions by using health packaging

Actually,there are still a lot of problems in the health packaging industry. But people also have some corresponding solutions.

Now, let’s figure out how people solve these things.



Medical equipment transportation risks


During transportation, medical equipment may experience some pressure changes in the air, land, and railway systems. Moreover, these vehicles may pass through higher altitudes

In this case, the transport of the medical machine may have some risks to affect their performance.

Now, let’s see why they happen.


The reason

Temperature changes can cause the air in the package to expand and contract. This produces a change in pressure.

The medical equipment with non-breathable health packaging or poorly breathable health packaging has correspondingly withstood considerable pressure changes.

At this time, depending on the size of the headspace in the package, the risk caused by pressure changes may also be different.

A large amount of headspace means that medical equipment has to withstand more pressure.

In severe cases, they may swell to the point where they only want to tear with the shipper. Moreover, if the air-impermeable seal has a poor ability to withstand pressure, its tightness will fail.

Since the gas sterilization mode includes a vacuum cycle, this compromises the sterility of medical equipment. And many medical equipment problems arise due to the pressure of high-altitude transportation.

Therefore, people who choose airtight health packaging will take poster testing as an important part of performance testing. An interview indicated that most interviewees said that “vacuum” is the most challenging parameter in EO sterilization.

So, how to solve this problem?


Solution with these health packaging


There are now breathable packaging products on the health packaging market.

Therefore, people can choose breathable packaging. At this time, if there is a temperature change, the expansion and contraction of the air will not cause a change in the pressure in the package.

Thus, this does not destroy the sealability of the package.


The desiccant problem


As we all know, many IVD products require high barrier packaging and desiccant bags which can ensure the shelf life of the product. Therefore, people usually put desiccant bags next to the equipment. However, this may affect the availability of the equipment.

So, how to solve this problem?



Solution by using health packaging

To solve this problem, people have produced laminates.

And it combines the chemical desiccant and the aluminum layer.

Moreover, these desiccants or desiccants are usually in the form of dry clay.

In this way, one can incorporate the desiccant into the sealing layer of the package.

Therefore, humid air, ultraviolet rays, gas, etc. will not affect the product. In this way, it protects the integrity of moisture-sensitive equipment.

Laminate is a proven technology. Moreover, people have used it in a variety of products in the healthcare industry.

In this way, people can provide customers with a pollution-free moisture-proof solution.

Next, let’s take a look at the other advantages of laminates.



Because these desiccants are in the form of dry clay, one does not need to insert the desiccant bag physically. So this will no longer affect the availability of medical equipment.

Moreover, this effectively simplifies the packaging work. Meanwhile, this reduced inventory and saves inventory costs.

And, it reduces the need for quality inspection of desiccant bags.

Unlike other desiccants, laminates will not release moisture back into the package even under the harshest conditions. Therefore, this reduces the risk of contamination when opening the package in a sterile environment.

Laminates are streamlined packaging. Therefore, it reduces the size of the packaging and the space occupied by the packaging.

Taken together, these benefits can simplify the production process and increase cost-effectiveness. Moreover, it can provide a safer and easier-to-use device. However, there are also different types of laminates.

Next, let’s take a look at its classification.


Classification of laminates | Sub-category of the health packaging


In addition, there are the following types of laminates.


Poly insert laminate

People develop poly-inert laminates to prevent the absorption of active pharmaceutical ingredients. And this meets the market demand for important health packaging. Moreover, it is beneficial for people to safely store and protect sensitive active pharmaceutical ingredients. Meanwhile, it comes in a sachet and sticks packaging. And these two types can also reduce the interaction between product and packaging through peeling.


Peelable laminate

The peelable laminate can be combined with a variety of basic fiber webs. Therefore, people can use it in multilayer laminated structures.

And the following is its specific information.

  1. Features: It is white before and after people open it. Therefore, it has double peeling marks. Meanwhile, it also has a high-quality peeling performance. These provide a reliable peelable sealing system for various substrates. Besides, it is suitable for ETO and radiation sterilization.
  2. Customer benefits: Double peeling marks are suitable for seal inspection. So this confirms the integrity of the package before and after opening. Moreover, it has a wide operating window with consistent peel performance. And this provides a different film structure. Therefore, it can show the best performance and image of the product.
  3. End consumer benefits: The technology of peelable laminates can provide soft and firm peeling. Moreover, its double peeling marks can provide a reliable peelable sealing system.
  4. Materials used: aluminum, OPA, polyethylene, OPET
  5. Available regions: worldwide
  6. Application field: Because it is suitable for a variety of laminated structures, its application range is very wide. And these include health care, medical care, wound care, tubing and collection systems, diagnostics, injection systems, catheters, guide wires, and stents, program packages, etc.
  7. Shape: Flowpacks, laminate, cover
  1. The design of various structures can adopt peelable laminate.
  2. Its peelable net can meet specific packaging performance requirements.
  3. The peelable laminate system can provide the integrity of the seal and the excellent peeling performance of the substrate.
  4. The wide processing window and its reliability ensure processing efficiency.

Therefore, its good performance makes it widely used.


Overcoming the integrity barriers of glass bottles | by using new health packaging


In order to maintain the integrity of the basic packaging, an additional cap was used on the basis of the original cap.

And this protects the bottom of the bottle or vial from breaking. Moreover, it reduces the pollution on the surface of the glass bottle and that’s why people use both caps. Meanwhile, these tags can optionally provide an integrated foam layer. Therefore, it can further provide the ability to prevent lateral impact. And these two covers ensure that the surface of the container is completely protected.


The main outstanding parts are below:


In order to further maintain product integrity, the packaging provides anti-counterfeiting advantages.

And this includes a membrane cover located above the closed container.

Moreover, people will not cover the peeling label of the opening strip when sticking the label.

Therefore, after people open the strip, the bottom of the bottle cap and the label will remain connected to the container.

And if people try to remove the rest of the lid it will destroy the label. This eliminates the possibility of unnoticed illegal reuse.

Therefore, its purpose is to prevent counterfeit medicines on a global scale.

Moreover, in the next few years, more than 70% of prescription drugs sold worldwide will need to be identified at the unit level.


Avoids the risk of heating

Because heating may affect the properties of the drug, people do not need to heat them when using the label and the two caps of the packaging.

Therefore, this avoids heating that affects the properties of the medicine.

In addition, the upper cover also provides space.

And people can use these spaces to print warning notices, track system codes, and integrate NFC inlays with interactive applications.

Manage serialization parameters

The lid and tag are a combination of software and hardware. The software in the tag can manage serialization parameters.

As a result, this provides project-level serialization for drug manufacturers.

People’s solutions can then be easily integrated into existing infrastructures and devices. Moreover, it has the capability to handle current and future regulatory requirements which allows many things to be done quickly at the site level. In addition, trace rules can be continuously modified at the unit level. As a result, it reduces individual involvement. What’s more, its cost is competitive. In addition, serialization can also achieve budget control, risk of productivity loss, various industrial equipment, and implementation plans.

For the pharmaceutical industry

For the pharmaceutical industry, there are often new regulations.

And that transformation is the main challenge for the next few years.

At the same time, major changes are needed in the structure of production facilities, information systems, quality control, and industry supply chains. Therefore, serialization simplifies a lot of work in this regard. As a result, this makes it easier to achieve compliance with these regulations.

Safe and sterile

For safe and sterile medical packaging, the aseptic safety bag product line can modify the aseptic sampling solution.

Thanks to these sterile bags combine multiple technologies, it can enhance the safety of the sample and improve efficiency.

Combined with the sterility and leak-proof of 10-6 gamma rays, its tracking technology provides a tamper-proof and leak-proof solution.

However, this solution is one-time. Therefore, it requires manual operation by people. In general, it ensures the safety, accuracy, and traceability of medicines. Generally, people apply them in drug tracking, serialization, medical testing, and high-tech fields.

Why the trace-ability is important?

The traceability of medical sterilization packaging means that a supplier clearly knows where his products flow and what raw materials they are composed of.

This can guarantee:

  1. If a defect is found in the raw material, the manufacturer can notify all users in the market to avoid And it meets the risk of materials.
  2. If any loopholes are found, the manufacturer can easily investigate the cause of the problem. And then, they can apply the quality control system to find out the original errors and loopholes, and solve the problem.
  3. In addition, this also means that the source and quality of raw materials are safe. And the flow of products and production processes is through documented identification.  So it can avoid any risks in the process (ISO11607.2)

As part of the trace-ability process, people cannot use any recycled materials. And the manufacturer shall reasonably control the original materials, the use of materials, and compound prescribed chemical components. So, they can avoid health problems.


Ensure product protection and user-friendly features


In the field of blister packaging, there is a new format that uses flexible packaging bags which replace the conventional carton for secondary packaging. Moreover, this can help pharmaceutical manufacturers to add high barrier properties to secondary packaging. Besides, people can also equip a child-proof sliding cover in the secondary packaging. Therefore, over-the-counter products, stand out from competing products.


Examination for health packaging


Ensuring the integrity of the health packaging is a top priority for pharmaceutical and medical packaging professionals. Therefore, people integrate machine vision into the production line. And this can check the integrity of the 100% non-destructive seal. Therefore, this can realize drug delivery innovations in compliant packaging. Moreover, this can help patients track doses. Sometimes, the healrth packaging team’s to-do list can belong. And additional personnel are often required.

Meanwhile, this reduces staffing.

Therefore, the company’s operations may also be more streamlined.

Generally, people use it in the following situations.

  1. Basics of Medical Packaging Testing” and “Strength and Integrity
  2. The basis of the sealing strength test”
  3. Product identification: As health packaging professionals manage unique device identification rules and now required (but not yet enforced) drug serialization.


What’s the importance of health packaging in Australia?

Health packaging in Australia Health packaging plays a large part in health care. Health packages are designed to aid efficient storage, distribution, and usage of healthcare products within healthcare systems today.

They help give the right information on safe usage for all situations.

Health packages also assist in reducing medication errors, which could be very costly when it comes to giving patients appropriate medicines at all times Health Packaging is necessary where there are many dosages required because using different sized medications helps to make the correct dosage more quickly and accurately.

Health supplies need careful handling because they can be damaged or contaminated if not handled properly.

Health supplies must also be stored safely so that they do not become unusable; Health packages help keep them airtight, moisture-proof, and permeable.

Health packages play a large part in Health care Health packaging has been playing a big part in health care for many years, if we rewind to the second world war it was essential that medical supplies were packaged and handled correctly

If something went wrong with a patient’s treatment because of an incorrect package or product then this could be very costly and could even cost lives.

Health Packaging Help Health packaging helps where there are many dosages required because using different sized medications helps to make the correct dosage more quickly and accurately.

It also assists in reducing medication errors, which could be very costly when it comes to giving patients appropriate medicines at all times Health packaging is necessary where there are many dosages required because by using different sized medications.

It helps to make the correct dosage more quickly and accurately Health supplies need careful handling because they can be damaged or contaminated if not handled properly Health supplies must also be stored safely so that they do not become unusable.

Health packages help keep them airtight, moisture-proof and per meable Health packaging plays a large part in Health care Health packages are designed to aid efficient storage distribution and usage of healthcare products within healthcare systems today.

They help give the right information on safe usage for all situations Health supplies need careful handling because they can be damaged or contaminated if not handled properly.

Health supplies must also be stored safely so that they do not become unusable; Health packages help keep them airtight, moisture-proof and permeable.




With drugs, they must remain effective when people deliver them.

However, the main impacts are as follows: shelf life, drug safety, sustainability, and patient dependence. At the same time, drug packaging needs to meet the needs of independent pharmacies, long-term care facilities, and hospitals.

Moreover, it must meet the requirements of other market sectors and drug packers.

Pharmaceutical packaging includes unit dose medicines, pharmaceutical packaging, equipment packaging, bar code, and labeling systems, liquid packaging, unit dose pharmaceutical packaging and labeling systems, blister packaging, disinfection caps, keep clean packaging, cold-formed blisters, etc.

Besides that:

  1. DuPont™ Tyvek: It is a coating.
  2. Eastar 6763: It is a transparent amorphous material.
  3. As for medical equipment, the product must be stable. Therefore, people will conduct strict tests on health packaging, and people will use new material alternatives.
  4. Then, for medical equipment packaging, there are the following:
  5. Interbank: INTEGRApak is a sterile barrier system made of two SMS nets. It is suitable for health packaging and steam sterilization in hospitals.
  6. Film: It is a three-way split nylon film.
  7. Eastman Tritan copolyester: It is an elastomer without a speed-increasing agent.
  8. Eastman Eastalite™ copolyester.
  9. Eastalite copolyester: is a foamed copolyester resin.

Actually,there are still a lot of problems in the health packaging industry.

  1. Transportation risk: People can choose breathable and health packaging.
  2. Desiccant: To solve this problem, people have produced laminates.
  3. Overcoming the integrity barriers of glass bottles: People use an additional cap on the basis of the original cap.
  4. Safe and sterile: The sterile safety bag product line can modify the aseptic sampling solution.
  5. Ensure product protection and user-friendly functions: flexible and health packaging bags replace the conventional carton for secondary health packaging.

That’s all for health packaging today.

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