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Window packaging in our daily life

by UatVisibee

.  May 07, 2020

Traditional packaging often hides the product inside the package, but modern designers are trying to overthrow this model and display the product in the packaging. Create a window in the packaging to display the product, so that consumers stay and notice, this is window packaging. Product packaging should increase simplicity, authenticity, and meaning. Packaging must be important as the first step in reaching consumers. Want to stand out from similar products, not only have good quality but also have outstanding packaging! This article mainly explains why window packaging is important to food and the benefits of window packaging in the Health and Beauty industry.

Why window packaging is important to food


All kinds of commodities have their own characteristics, and food packaging also has its distinctive characteristics. In addition to paying attention to its practicability, convenience, and safety, food packaging begins to pay more attention to its high quality, high taste and high-end sense.

Window packaging has become famous all over the world. It is considered to be the best packaging solution. Although window packaging has become popular in various fields such as clothing, cosmetics, etc., it has become the preferred choice of entrepreneurs, especially in the food industry. Window glass is widely used in food boxes. The main reason is that window boxes increase the visual appeal of the product and make it highly attractive to the customers. When customers can clearly understand the attractive contents inside, it stimulates their buying behavior. Window boxes are used to package a range of food products. Whether they are cereals, fruits, meat, chocolate, tea, or other edible foods, these custom food boxes are perfect for highlighting your food brand. Window packaging has its own elegance that complements your products.

Window packaging has become famous worldwide. It is considered the best packaging solution. Although window packaging has made its way in every sector like apparel and cosmetic, it has become a preferred choice of entrepreneurs, especially in the food industry. Window panes are extensively used in food boxes.

The main reason is that window boxes increase the visual display of the product making them highly appealing for the customers. When customers can get a clear view of the tempting content inside, it stimulates their purchase behavior. Window boxes are used to package an array of food items. Whether they are cereals, fruits, meat, chocolates, tea, or other edibles, these custom food boxes are just perfect to highlight your food brand. Window packaging has its own grace which complements your products. They can be decorated and customized according to the requirement. Below are some of the main reasons why window packaging is important to food:


High-Quality Material protects the Food Items:


The quality of the material is an important concern especially in the case of food products. As most of the food items are extremely delicate in nature, they can get spoiled by little contamination. Therefore, the use of high-quality raw material is necessary to ensure maximum safety to the items inside. It should not be free from chemicals and make food last for long. Usually, the window food boxes are designed from a paperboard of Kraft paper. These are the refined forms of cardboard. They are durable enough to deliver the items safe from source to destination. Moreover, it also preserves the freshness of food items and retains their taste. Let us take the example of bakery products. They are the most delicate food items which require special care for their handling.

Confectionaries use high-quality cake boxes, cookie boxes, and other packaging boxes to protect their items from spoilage or mishandling. A little ignorance can destroy your lovely creations by smashing the frosting and beautiful decorations. No matter how perfect your taste is, but if the customers receive their products in a sullied condition, they will never return to you again. Moreover, the external safety of food items is also an issue of concern. You can design hanging window boxes to facilitate the customers in carrying the product easily.


Mesmerizing Display:


One of the biggest reasons why window packaging is preferred for a variety of food products is its mesmerizing display. When customers can have a direct view of what they are getting, it increases their satisfaction level. Window boxes are best for all such food items in which the first impression matters.


Customers never give a second look at the packaging which appears unappealing.  Various physical aspects like packaging design, color schemes, typography, and shape are responsible for providing a perfect display to your products. Introducing window panes adds to the value of your packaging. It gives an inspiring and professional look to the items making them stand out on retail shelves.

Good packaging sells. It’s that simple, but not all manufacturers insist on the packaging that is unique and really helps sell. There are several types of high-visibility packaging (flip-top, blister, heat-shrink), and while it may cost a little more than regular cardboard or corrugated packaging, it adds value.

Rather than hiding the product and therefore needing to display the product’s graphics on the outside of the box, high-visibility packaging displays and promotes the product. The consumer can clearly see the product and must therefore be reassured, rather than assuming that the product has been correctly represented in the external graphics. Very often, this is not the case. This is why these products are more likely to be returned. It is difficult to resell the product after opening or damaging the packaging.


Cost Effective Packaging Solution:

Keeping the costs low is one of the biggest targets of every business. Especially in the case of smaller-scale businesses or startups, the entrepreneurs are in the search of ways to keep their investment costs low. Window boxes are one of the most effective packaging solutions. Irrespective of their specialized features, using them as custom food boxes can help you in meeting packaging requirements without disturbing your budget.

The boxes are made from cardboard which is one of the most cost-effective materials. It is readily available as it is made from natural substances. Its ability to recycle adds to its advantage. Window boxes DIY are easy to make by using a sheet of cardboard and transparent plastic film. You can make them for your food packaging at a smaller scale or for individual use.


Increase Sales by Endorsing your Food Brand:

One of the biggest advantages of using window packaging is its ability to endorse your food brand among a number of similar offerings. Windows is a proven tactic to increase the sales of your products. Designing the window food boxes attractively is a great way to advertise your brand. Now you need not spend hundreds of dollars on carrying out promotional campaigns. Wherever your packaging goes, it speaks for its identity. High-quality printing with fascinating artwork and an enticing logo can make your food brand recognizable among a number of people.

Custom packaging also allows you to print useful information about the product and its manufacturer. For example, in the case of cookies or other similar food items, you can print nutritional information, calorie count, and a number of servings on the cookie boxes.  If the customers get aware of various aspects of your products before their purchase, it increases their satisfaction level and loyalty towards your brand. The result is repetitive sales and long relationships with the customers.

Unlimited Options of Designs and Styles:


Window boxes are extremely innovative in nature. There are unlimited options of designs when it comes to food packaging. Customers can choose from various shapes, sizes, and styles for their window boxes. Alluring artwork and fascinating images can be added on demand. Printing on the plastic window can also enhance the elegance of your packaging. It has been seen that various manufacturers go for introducing important details on the window panes like the brand’s logo or the expiry of the product.


You can add ribbons, labels or branded stickers to make your window boxes more appealing. Under the guidance of technical experts, you can design different shapes for your windows like a circle, heart, star or triangle depending upon the type of product you want to place in. Working with innovative designs can highlight your product and makes them different from those of competitors.


Benefits of window packaging in the Health and Beauty industry


The packaging reveals a lot about a brand. Showcasing your brand through packaging, both primary and secondary, is critical to building the brand image, perceived value, and the desire for the consumer to learn and want to buy your products. Adding a window to your packaging is a great way to showcase your product while providing consumers insight into your brand values and promise.

Brand image is paramount in all industries, but perhaps even more important when it comes to the health and beauty industry where mere looks influence and drive consumer decisions.


Here are just a few of the many benefits of using windowing in packaging of health and beauty products:

Provides a Realistic View of Your Product


Windowing inherently provides consumers with a real-life look into your product. Whether used in paperboard folding cartons or fully transparent plastic cartons, see-through areas of the packaging enables consumers to have an exact idea of your products’ color, shape, and other physical aspects. This realistic view of your product builds intrigue and buying impulses within consumers basics


Showcases Primary Packaging for a Compounded Effect


When it comes to beauty products, looks can be everything. That’s why both primary and secondary packaging of beauty and cosmetic products, such as fragrances or high-end creams, are equally elegant and beautiful. Clear packaging allows consumers to see a product’s primary packaging, typically a gorgeous bottle or jar. This inside look into a product’s primary packaging, combined with beautiful secondary packaging, delivers an alluring and exquisite product presentation.


Creates a Heightened Experience for the Consumer


The closer a consumer can get to experience a product, the better connection they can make with a brand, and the more likely they are to purchase. Window packaging allows consumers to use more of their senses and ultimately heightens their overall experience and connection with your brand.

Flaunts Your Product’s Best Features


Every product has unique, selling features that brands want consumers to know about. Whether it’s the purity of ingredients or essence of the brand, window packaging is a unique design feature that can allow brands to promote one-of-a-kind product features, gifts with purchase, or companion products.




Window packaging designs can help brands achieve many things. From presenting their product in a more direct way to heightening the consumer experience, window packaging requires mastery. When thinking about paperboard folding cartons with a window or an overall plastic carton, it’s important to work with a supplier that understands this unique material. Suppliers must have the experience, expertise, and equipment to guide brands on the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of print, finishing, structure, and other production considerations.

One of the biggest advantages of using window packaging is its ability to endorse your food brand among a number of similar offerings. Windows is a proven tactic to increase the sales of your products. Designing the window food boxes attractively is a great way to advertise your brand. Now you need not spend too much money carrying out promotional campaigns. Wherever your packaging goes, it speaks for its identity.


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