The cosmetic industry is booming and especially the need for recyclable quality cosmetic packaging has been increasing.


If you are looking to source high-quality packaging supplies for your cosmetics business, look no further than the top 15 Cosmetic Packaging Suppliers listed below.


These companies are at the forefront of the cosmetic packaging industry, and they offer premium products and services that will help your business thrive.


So what are you waiting for? Check out these top 15 suppliers and get started on finding the perfect packaging for your next beauty innovation!

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Weltrade Packaging

Weltrade Packaging Solutions is a company that provides innovative, high-quality plastic packaging to cosmetic brands and product manufacturers.


We are committed to delivering the best solution for our customers by going above any expectations they might have with their mission statement being “We’re honest,” which means telling it like you get it done without beating around the bush or sugar-coating anything;


Transparency also plays an important role when dealing directly with how much time/money will be needed before getting started because this allows both parties to know where each other stands from start till finish while having accountability towards one another at all times through regular checkups so there can never again.

tel: +61 7 5597 0102

address: Unit 1/8 Production Avenue, Molendinar Qld, 4214

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My Skincare Manufacturer

My Skincare Manufacturer Pty Ltd is a company that specializes in manufacturing high-quality skincare packaging for both large brands and start-ups.


They have been operating since 2009, providing services to many famous companies all over the world including Kiehl’s Australia division where they are heavily invested in maintaining strict quality standards while remaining pure natural without any harmful chemicals or preservatives which make their products very effective at helping you take care of your skin correctly no matter what type it may be!

Address: 25 Craftsman Close, Beresfield, NSW, 2322 Australia
(by appointment only)


tel : +61 2 4013 6032 

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CCS Packaging

CCS Packaging is an Australian-owned company that provides packaging and print services to industries such as Media, Consumer, and Personal Care for over 30 years.

The business has recently obtained HACCP certification which means they are committed not only to their work but also to customers’ needs by providing top tier service with excellent quality products at competitive prices on every project undertaken

We’re FSC® certified! And we have also just gained a new qualification -HACCP(food safety management system).

This means you can trust us when it comes down to getting your food graded packages checked or transported safely across borders


Address: Unit 2, 92 Wetherill Street North, Silverwater, NSW – 2128 Australia

Fax : + 61 2 9748 4966

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Star Stuff Group

Our expertise in the packaging industry is unparalleled, with over 30 years of experience to back it up.

From pen technology and innovation all way through service delivery for our customers – you can rest assured that no detail goes overlooked when delivering quality products on time!

We focus on service innovation with an emphasis primarily placed on small-medium sized companies from Australia or New Zealand who need help delivering their products across borders in other countries such as South Africa USA UK et

Phone: 1300 885 044 or (07) 3488 8100

Fax: (07) 3821 4874

Email: or fill out the contact form

Unit 1 / 14 Natasha Street, Capalaba QLD Australia 4157

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HCP’s customer-centric approach to cosmetic packaging design and manufacture has made them a global leader in the industry.


They offer tubes for all types of color cosmetics including nail polish bottles, as well as skincare products such as eyeshadow palette cases or lip gloss displays that meet international safety standards set by regulators across various markets they serve with high-quality product offerings always exceeding expectations


Add:  HCP Packaging USA, Inc.  430 Mountain Avenue, Suite 402
New Providence, NJ 07974, USA

Tel : +1 908 643 7720


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Certina Packaging

Whether you’re looking for a premium product box or something that’s more industrial, Certina has the solution to fit your needs.


With our vast array of decoration technologies, we can create exactly what you need! From silk screening printing metalizing lacquering hot stamping etc.,


There is no limit on how unique and special these boxes will be made to last as long as possible while also being ecofriendly too!.


Tel: +33 4 74 73 16 16


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Faca Packaging

Faca Packaging, a world leader in the design and production of high-end cosmetic packaging for over 50 years.


They use their experience to create exclusive brands with innovative products that are sold worldwide through dealerships or online retailers such as Amazon Prime


Face’s success can be attributed largely due to the company’s continued investments into R&D; they have 300 active patents waiting on patent lawsuits from other companies which means Faca will likely continue seeing growth even when others may struggle because innovation matters most!


With an all-European factory 100% located within clean rooms where standards like ISO 9001:2015 strictly apply, this gives clients peace in knowing what quality standards must meet if there were any concerns about product delivery


Address:  Ctra. del Mig, 1-13, 08940 Cornellá de Llobregat, Barcelona

Phone: :+34 93 377 98 12

 Fax: +34 93 377 32 11

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Quadpack is a global leader in cosmetic packaging manufacturing with production facilities around the world, including Europe and North America as well as the Asia Pacific.


The company’s founders have over 35 years of combined experience developing innovative products for some of today’s best-known brands like L’Oréal Paris or Estée Lauder cosmetics – which means they know how important it can be to produce safely without compromising quality!

Address: 2840 Commodore Dr.Suite 120, Carrollton, TX 75007

Tel: 1 (877) 239-2831 

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Quadpack is a global leader in cosmetic packaging manufacturing with production facilities around the world, including Europe and North America as well as the Asia Pacific.


The company’s founders have over 35 years of combined experience developing innovative products for some of today’s best-known brands like L’Oréal Paris or Estée Lauder cosmetics – which means they know how important it can be to produce safely without compromising quality!

Address: 2840 Commodore Dr.Suite 120, Carrollton, TX 75007

Tel: 1 (877) 239-2831 

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International Cosmetic Suppliers Ltd., established in 1991 by founder and CEO Sue Nichols, ICS provides masstige brands with international support through offices located around the world including Asia (Mainland), North America(United States), and Australasia.

The company’s growth over time has seen them expand new development teams as well as add extensive quality assurance staff for each region which helps to ensure high standards are met on every project they undertake while employing marketing professionals who can offer clients unmatched guidance when it comes making decisions about their needs within beauty supply chains.

ICS LTD.Tel: +86(0755)82396393

Adr: Unit 12H Noble Centre,
1006 Fuzhong 3rd Road,
Futian District,
Shenzhen 518038

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The beauty of nature can be found in everything we do, from the packaging to how it looks.


EXPO PACK has been designing and making products for over 30 years with an eye on storytelling power while ensuring customer satisfaction through high-quality materials that are easy customization options or environmental friendliness – all supported by beautiful design features like heavy-duty bottles made out of petrochemical plastics (PET).


In addition, our company offers custom-made solutions so you don’t need to worry about your needs going unfulfilled!


No. 3, Ziqiang 1st Rd.Zhongli Dist, Taoyuan City 32063

Telephone: 886-3-4631598

Fax: 886-3-4631511


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SeaCliff Beauty

SeaCliff Beauty is passionate about packaging for the beauty industry.


They are committed to creating long-lasting relationships with their customers by providing top-notch customer service that meets all of your needs and exceeds expectations every time!

Seacliff offers high quality, professional-grade products in both custom-designed box retail packages as well as turnkey solutions which means you can get back up on track quickly whether it be marketing or technical support; they got ya covered at any hour day/night 24×7 365 days per year because when working together there’s no challenge too big

Adr:9840 Irvine Center Drive
Irvine, CA 92618

Phone: (949) 955-1239 

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APG Packaging

APG Packaging is a veteran-owned business that has been providing high-quality products at affordable prices for over 25 years.


We have factories in both the US and Asia to ensure fast production speeds while maintaining below market rates cost structures–making us your perfect partner!

Our people are dedicated professionals with extensive experience managing large projects across various industries; they take pride not only in meeting deadlines but also in exceeding them.


When you work together as part of our team – whether it’s packaging an item or creating new processes entirely, you will know what we are able to do


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SKS bottle and packaging

The founder of SKS Bottle and Packaging, Inc had the vision to help people live healthier lives by providing them with environmentally friendly products.


With this goal in mind, they created eco-friendly bottles that are both affordable for all budgets as well made from 100% recycled materials which will never end up in your local landfill or incinerator because it’s too small!


Since its inception 35 years ago (1986) SKS has grown into an industry leader not only among packaged goods but also within healthcare facilities where many hospitals order our packaging supplies regularly – including some Fortune 500 companies

Add 10 Skyward Dr.
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

Phone: 518-880-6980
Fax: 518-880-6990

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Lumson, the company in Capergnanica (Cr) and S. Maria di Sala that produces 120 million plastic bottles per year with an investment over 3 shifts of 250 employees working for them

Lumson is one out of three factories investing in new technology which can produce different kinds of technologies making it very industrial-strength when manufacturing packaging materials such as bottles;

However, Lumsoin’s most important asset isn’t only its equipment but also its workforce who have skilled hands thanks to education programs provided throughout all levels.


Via Tesino 62/64
I-26010 Capergnanica (CR)

Tel. +39 0373 23 31
Fax +39 0373 23 33 55


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At PrimePac, we bring together design experts and brand innovators to create fresh ideas, customized packages, and fully efficient processes.

We design creative packaging solutions that cater to a diverse global audience with the in-house knowledge and network of experienced professionals to meet the demands of every type of client.

From our dedicated sales team and warehouse staff in Australia to the experts at our production facilities

In China, all of our employees are guided by four core values at the heart of our business: integrity, innovation, passion, and engagement.

Address :15/10 Chilvers Rd,

NSW 2120

Tel: (02) 9008 1338
(02) 9008 1394

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