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Pouch Packaging Design Trends In 2020

In recent years pouch packaging design trends have been leaning heavily towards being environmentally friendly. What that means is that packaging design no longer needs to be just durable, but it needs to be durable, recyclable and safe for the environment.  In Australia especially, thanks to recent years and government policies there is a huge demand for eco-friendly packaging.

Pouch packaging bags are demanded consumers to have as little effect on the environment as possible. So how do you design packaging which is eco-friendly yet in tune with the 2020 design?

In this article, we are going to cover pouch packaging design trends, their environmental impact, and how Primepac is moving to environmentally friendly packaging designs!

ECO friendly design

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Minimalism packaging design

Minimalism packaging -blog 1

Nature inspired design

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Transparent packaging design

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Your Pouch packaging design has 7 seconds to win or lose

Based on on-shelf visibility, it takes about 7 seconds for a customer to make a purchase decision. In a normal supermarket, your package design is in a constant battle with around 40,000 different products. A consumer makes a decision within 7 seconds of viewing your product. In other words, your product packaging design has to make an impression within that timeframe to create a sale.

Pouch packaging is used everywhere in our lives, yet as we all know that has caused countless news stories. Stories of pollution causing the Australian government to take action against one of the biggest culprits of environmental pollution. One of those areas is the plastic packaging in the sea and causing serious marine pollution to our beautiful oceans.

Thus, in 2020, and coming decades the pressure is on designers, manufacturers, and consumers to promote more eco-friendly concepts into pouch packaging design. When eco-friendly and fashion collide, it will bring people a new concept of pouch packaging design trends.

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Pouch Packaging Design Trends In 2020

ECO Friendly Packaging Design

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The adverse climate and environmental changes around us have forced us to adopt sustainable packaging designs.
Eco-friendly products have become a MUST this year and their influence will no doubt become bigger and bigger must in 2020 and beyond 2020. With the Australians Government’s new policy on plastic bans, PrimePac is adopting more and more 100% recyclable materials in packaging.
Primepac is using more sustainable materials such as seaweed packaging, corn starch, recycled paper, air pillows, and corrugated packaging.
Thus, PrimePac is going to apply environmentally friendly materials in composite packaging and pp woven packaging to help protect the environment and help cause a new pouch packaging design trend in 2020.
Pouch Packaging Design Trends In 2020

Nature Inspired

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2020 people are getting closer to nature and expect packaging design to be associated with soft and pastel colors. The pouch packaging design trends will be bright, loud, and vibrant shades associated with nature. Along with design concepts showing more organic shades.

Customers will create a “feeling of belonging” for brands with a common goal of ecological welfare and will look for brands that highlight shades of nature.

We’ve moved beyond the era when the beautiful design was enough to sell a product. Consumers are more aware and they are looking for a more complete experience for the brand. So brands need to be more innovative than ever before when developing new packaging and finding the right balance between function and inspiration.

One thing to keep in mind is to align the brand strategy with the packaging design. Brand commitment and experience must be reflected in packaging design and at all touchpoints to the consumer. It’s a very important piece of work, and sometimes it can go off track.

The retro design has nostalgic value. They evoke happy moods and memories of simpler times. The term “year” refers to any design or indication of the passage of time. It could be a single era or a combination of eras. The emotions inspired by such designs were not just attractive to the people of the time. They also appeal to millennials, who may never have lived through that period.

Pouch Packaging Design Trends In 2020

Minimalism Packaging Design

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Today’s consumers are well educated. We’re not talking about advanced degrees. In a word: the Internet. This means we’re all used to doing the research before we buy; It seems like it’s hard to stay informed, especially when it comes to purchasing decisions. Even on an impulse purchase, people will still read labels, so it’s easy for them: simple, neat, clear labels and packaging. Here are some considerations about impulse buying: OnePoll’s recent survey of US adults on SlickDeals asked respondents about impulse buying behavior; 71% of respondents said food and groceries were the most popular unplanned items to add to their shopping carts. Make your products ready for their impulses! As an added benefit, simplicity often reduces packaging costs.

In 2020, luxury products will gain more attention through a strong emphasis on eco-friendly, fuller models, focusing on exquisitely patterned products, and more emphasis on product quality.
When people buy a new quality product or brand, they tend to analyze the detail a lot more before the final purchase; therefore, based on current trends a minimalist package design will generate more demand.

Sustainable packaging is a hot topic at the moment, but sustainable development means different things to different people. There is no fixed industry definition, and the term can refer to anything from recyclable packaging to sustainable sourcing to sustainable corporate programs.

Pouch Packaging Design Trends In 2020

Shape Window Design

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Today, due to digitalization, consumers are eager to understand each product and its perceived value. The pocket window helps the consumer to visually browse the actual products and strengthen their trust and confidence in the brand. Shaped windows designs are set to boom in 2020 as brands will start using them as a cost-effective promotional tool.

While bag carrying requirements are still very important in packaging design, there is now a targeted focus on making them as simple and clean as possible. It’s a delicate balance to display the health claims that customers want to know about without compromising the design. The brand of the product always needed to be included in the package, but that wasn’t the point in the past. For brands, simplifying and highlighting some of the most important in-package certifications can bring clarity to consumers in a crowded retail environment.

This kind of packaging will gain a competitive advantage because customers can experience and see the product directly. This in turn will build a better connection for the brand and increase the chance of final purchase. In the coming year, brands will focus on experimenting with layered design and transparency.

Pouch Packaging Design Trends In 2020

Illustration and doddle art

llustration and doddle art

2020 will focus on conveying brand stories through the effective use of illustration and graffiti art. The evolution of flat illustrations will appear in simplified shapes, creating eye-catching colors, and focusing on more readable text, in turn making the design look clear and legible.

Graffiti art in 2020 will focus on adding splashes of interesting elements, a great way to inspire your work with new and innovative ideas. It will combine child-style graffiti and expressive illustrations to express form through packaging design.

Pouch Packaging Design Trends In 2020

Innovate shape design

innovate shape design - blog 1 Primepac

“70% of consumers find the color, graphics, and shapes to be the most attractive aspects of packaging”.  Packaging shape is also essential in packaging design in making the product more attractive. 2020 will be a year of structural improvement of products using innovative strategies. Product shape design will include the entire product development process from the initial stage to manufacturing.

No need to passively plan a sustainable future for industrial packaging. A good way to stay forward-thinking is to keep track of where packaging trends (in this case, food and beverage packaging trends) are heading. Understanding consumer perceptions are just as important for B2B companies as it is for B2C companies — because many customer concerns overlap, and B2C trends strongly influence B2B initiatives.


In 2020 the new packaging design trend is full of charming combinations of shadows, retro styles, line art, graffiti, and most importantly eco-friendly.  With the Australian government’s latest policies and changes in consumer habits, you need someone on the frontline who is able to provide and design the latest eco-friendly 2020 trends.  Contact PrimePac today to learn more about what we can do for you!

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