Cafe Takeaway Packaging

Top 5 benefits of Cafe Takeaway Packaging


Coffee has been necessary to people’s daily life, especially in western countries.

Some people can even drink coffee just like drink water every day.

There are two kinds of coffee shops nowadays. The first is large-scale merchandise like Starbucks. The second is the relatively small-scale one which focuses more on specialty coffee.

This article is not about showing the difference between these two kinds of coffee companies.

Actually, you can find the manual features in both of them- the exquisite packaging. The takeaway packaging for a coffee shop is extremely important.

No matter what kind of business do you have, how to establish the branding image is the core of your business operation.

Just think about the influence of the icon of Mcdonald’s- the Golden Arches, and the logo of Nike. This logo has been part of the identity of the brand. How can they connect the image with their brand?

There are a lot of reasons, one of them is the packaging of their products. They will print their logo, slogan on the product packaging.

So do the coffee industry, how’s the packaging you provide for your customers can make a great contribution to how customers feel.

If you have a well-designed visual image for your brand can be taken to full advantage when your packaging has been well designed.

So in this article, we will share our experience about the Cafe Takeaway Packaging. If you have an interest in running the relevant business, do not miss it.


What Packaging a Coffee Shop Should Have ?

Customized Printed Coffee Cup

This is the core of the packaging. No matter what you take from a coffee shop. Finally, it will be packaged in a cup.

This is the packaging that will be held in hand for the longest time when compared with another packaging like Cup sleeves.

When your customers decide to buy a coffee without dining- in. The coffee cup can be the best tool for advertisement.

Just think about you are shopping with your girlfriend, you know how much time a girl can spend shopping. During the whole process, she and you can take two cups of coffee respectively.

The logo or customized image of the coffee brand will show up in the place you and your girlfriend walkthrough. And just think about how much a customized coffee cup costs? That’s the most worthy thing I have ever heard.

A few decades ago,  almost all the coffee cups are in blank packaging.

The coffee cup is just like the most ordinary cup which uses for holding the coffee and give them to customers. Some of the cafes tried to use the coffee cups for branding, but that did not produce amazing results. Until Starbucks,

You know how popular it is nowadays. Just using a simple branding method of printing their logo on the cups,  Starbucks let us know how significant the coffee up can be.

2. Customized Coffee Sleeves

The coffee sleeve was designed to prevent consumers from burning their hands on the cups with hot coffee inside. It’s familiar with the coffee cups. Customized coffee sleeves have been one of the significant marketing tools.

No matter corporate coffee shop chains or artisanal cafes, almost all the businesses in coffee areas will prepare coffee sleeves for their customers. Unless one day nobody drinks the hot coffee. That’s impossible.  The coffee sleeve will never lose its position.

Dispposable plastic1

3. Custom Branded Napkins

Actually, the napkin is not part of the packaging. But it’s also important to a cafe. So we will mention it here by the way.

As needed as the coffee cup itself, a napkin could be an efficient method for marketing. Actually, this is not only for the cafes. Service businesses all over the world would notice the significance of napkins nowadays.

Investment in Custom branded Napkins enables you to pay minimal effort to get large benefits.

4.  Custom Printed Cafe Takeaway Packaging

I believe that most of you had the experience of buying coffee for your friends or colleagues.

When you take a few cups of coffee yourself, get out of the cafe and go back to the office, you absolutely hope that the takeaway packaging for these cups of coffee is stable.

Just imagine that it breaks in half you back to the office. All the coffee is spread onto the ground. That’s a tragedy for both you and your friends.

To the Cafe Takeaway Packaging, the purpose of marketing should be placed at the second position. The stability of the packaging is the top priority.

At Primepac, we are experts at selecting and stocking the highest quality and the largest variety of packaging supplies for coffee shops and tea houses.

We carry a variety of single wall, double wall, and triple wall coffee cups, cup sleeves, lids, cup carriers, and more.

We know that quality packaging is important for you and your customers, so they can enjoy the perfect sip of tea or cup of coffee every time.

Plus, all our products are 100% customizable, so you (and they) get exactly what you want, every time.

Takeaway Packaging for A Coffee Shop

The importance of Cafe Takeaway Packaging

Cafe Takeaway Packaging can bring you a lot of benefits, some of which were mentioned above already. In this part,, we will share our views about the benefits of taking away packaging.

1. Make the coffee more appealing

The taste of coffee actually is not the only factor that can make a difference to the consumer experience. What we see and the feel of touching can also influence how we enjoy the coffee. The right packaging can make the coffee even more appealing than you drink it in the cafe.  That’s what Cafe Takeaway Packaging can bring to the customer.  Your investment in the Cafe Takeaway Packaging would not disappoint you.

2. Controls the Temperature

When you place an order of hot coffee, you would get a cup of coffee in a dixie cup rather than the plastic cup use for the cold coffee. Different materials of packaging can fix different conditions of the product. To maintain the temperature of the hot coffee, using dixie cups is the better choice, improving the experience of the customers. There’s nothing worse than ordering a hot coffee only to have it arrive cold. Nobody knows what will happen during the process of delivery.

3. Improve sales

People are easier to buy the things which can catch their eyes at the first glance. One survey has found that about 72 % of American consumers say that packaging design is the main factor that can make a contribution to their decision.  The takeaway packaging for a coffee shop  is an advertisement for the cafe, attracting people who saw the packaging to give it a shot.

4. Charge a Premium

This benefit is only possible when your packaging design is good enough. Well-packaged food has a higher perceived value.  Just take Starbucks as an example, if we compare the taste of the coffee, Starbucks can not charge such a price. The Premium comes from the packaging and brand.  That’s the goal of all businesses.

5. Reinforce your brand image

Compared with a little manual that fills with your brand introduction, vision, and others, there is no doubt that people are more willing to read a simple logo or slogan. The takeaway packaging for a coffee shop is a good chance for you to reinforce your brand image. With the combination of Color, line, and front, a good design image serves as the tool to express your company values to the customers in a smooth way.

The importance of Cafe Takeaway Packaging

Cafe Takeaway Packaging can bring you a lot of benefits, some of which were mentioned above already. In this part,, we will share our views about the benefits of taking away packaging.

1. Make the coffee more appealing

The taste of coffee actually is not the only factor that can make a difference to the consumer experience. What we see and the feel of touching can also influence how we enjoy the coffee. The right packaging can make the coffee even more appealing than you drink it in the cafe.  That’s what Cafe Takeaway Packaging can bring to the customer.  Your investment in the Cafe Takeaway Packaging would not disappoint you.

2. Controls the Temperature

When you place an order of hot coffee, you would get a cup of coffee in a dixie cup rather than the plastic cup use for the cold coffee. Different materials of packaging can fix different conditions of the product. To maintain the temperature of the hot coffee, using dixie cups is the better choice, improving the experience of the customers. There’s nothing worse than ordering a hot coffee only to have it arrive cold. Nobody knows what will happen during the process of delivery.

3. Improve sales

People are easier to buy the things which can catch their eyes at the first glance. One survey has found that about 72 % of American consumers say that packaging design is the main factor that can make a contribution to their decision.  The takeaway packaging for a coffee shop  is an advertisement for the cafe, attracting people who saw the packaging to give it a shot.

4. Charge a Premium

This benefit is only possible when your packaging design is good enough. Well-packaged food has a higher perceived value.  Just take Starbucks as an example, if we compare the taste of the coffee, Starbucks can not charge such a price. The Premium comes from the packaging and brand.  That’s the goal of all businesses.

5. Reinforce your brand image

Compared with a little manual that fills with your brand introduction, vision, and others, there is no doubt that people are more willing to read a simple logo or slogan. The takeaway packaging for a coffee shop is a good chance for you to reinforce your brand image. With the combination of Color, line, and front, a good design image serves as the tool to express your company values to the customers in a smooth way.

takeaway banner

The Choice Of Materials and Cost

For the packaging of coffee, there are some kinds of materials that are more common than others.

It’s significant for the choice of material. As we mentioned above,  we should use the cups made of different materials for the coffee in different temperatures.

Choosing the right materials is the first step in selecting packaging. There are a variety of materials available, such as plastic, cardboard, and styrofoam, as well as biodegradable and sustainable alternatives. Each has its own pros and cons:

To the styrofoam, we would not advise you to use this kind of material. For the most obvious reason, it’s not an eco-friendly material. And most of the countries have already introduced some relevant policies to reduce the use of materials that will cause environmental pollution, like styrofoam and plastic.

As to plastics, they can provide excellent protection for food.  But they have the same problem as styrofoam- having a bad influence on the environment.

Aluminum/foil is durable and sealable, but it’s not the common material for coffee packaging. Besides, the price is relatively high than the other kind of materials.

For the coffee packaging, paper/cardboard is the best material for the sleeve.  This kind of material is biodegradable and cost-effective. Besides, it’s easy to customize.

For coffee cups, people nowadays use bioplastics as the material, which is far better for the environment.

coffee cup

Why choose primepac?

At PrimePac, we bring together design experts and brand innovators to create fresh ideas, customized packages, and fully efficient processes.

We design creative packaging solutions that cater to a diverse global audience with the in-house knowledge and network of experienced professionals to meet the demands of every type of client. From our dedicated sales team and warehouse staff in Australia to the experts at our production facilities in China, all of our employees are guided by four core values at the heart of our business: integrity, innovation, passion, and engagement. With our team in China and Australia working as one, we reduce inefficiency so that you deal with one streamlined team from manufacturing right to delivery. Service support team located in Guangzhou, the manufacturing hub of China, providing rapid response, and local industry knowledge. Warehouse and 3PL network located in Sydney, to provide rapid distribution, and delivery to your customers.

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Product Tag

The best Introduction to Product Tag

An Overall Introduction to Product Tag


What can make a great contribution to product sales?

There is no doubt that you can provide Various answers to this question. The product quality, packaging, label, etc.

But few people know, Product Tag also plays an important role in the selling process.

Mostly the Product Tag express the many information to the customer, including product name, producer name, weight or capacity, barcode, and price.

Surveys have shown that if there is a price tag with discount information hanged in the products, people who have an interest in that product are more likely to buy it. That’s one of the benefits the price tags can bring to you.

So in this article, we will share some information about the tags for products. Hope it can help.

2 mainn tag

What A Product Tag Can Do? 

1 main ta

As we mentioned above, a tag can offer various information about the products to the customers.

Also, the information enables the customers to easily make a comparison between two similar products.

Lack of information from tags would make cause confusion at checkout, decreasing the desire of purchasing it.

From the perspective of the manufacturer, tags also play an important role in the promotion of sales.

Such as the promotional Product Tag, just think about black Friday. How crazy people are to the discount price.

Such kind of price tag is always designed with different colors, sizes to distinguish themselves from a normal price tag. That’s very significant for attracting people’s attention.

The benefits of Using a Product Tag

Provide information

Product tag is like a business card. People can know who you are, your job and cellphone number, your position on the companies.

These are the information you should let your potential business partners know the first time. So you can know what a hang can bring to you. When it comes to the products, it’s the same rules.

They need to face unaccountable products when they get into a supermarket. If you can not provide all the information the customer needs to know in as short as possible time, you lose the competition with other peer products

feature 2 4

Smooth push to the customers 

If you are a customer, do you want a pushy salesman walking around you and forcing you to buy their products? Of course, nobody wants. Instead, a beautiful-design hang tag can attract the customers, pushing them to make a decision. The only difference between a salesman and a hangtag is that the customers would feel that the decision I make is totally by myself, I like how this product looks like. The customers are influenced by the tags. That’s why we also recommend you invest a proper deal of money in the design of tags. That’s worthy and necessary.

The cheap hang tags will make your products look ugly. Customers can have a negative viewpoint when you choose to use hang tags with poor quality. It’s reasonable to think that this brand owner is even unwilling to invest in the hang tags, how can he offer products with good quality.

Printing Increases Sales

We can find various Marketing tools for marketing. Hang tags are one of the most cost-effective tools. You can print promotional codes or discounts to attract customers for promoting sales. The hang tags with discount information are easy to push the customer to make an instant purchase.

Sustainable packaging industry

 Custom Hangtags

You can customize the hang tags as you want. You can customize a hangtag also as a bar code like a sticker, a coaster, and others. The right shape and precise brand appearance can improve its visibility.

For example, in a beverage company, hang tags can be customized in the shape of the coaster so that customers can use them at home. Other than the shape, the hang tags can be customized in thickness, size, color, material, etc. It’s flexible enough to satisfy your need.

Tips about tag customization

To make your products stand out among the competitors in the rack of the supermarket, you should focus more on the design and logo printing. So in this part of the content, we would share our experience about hangtags customization.


As we mentioned above, what shape you choose for your hang tags should base on your products and industries. It would be better if you can make hang tags more practical in daily life, which can increase the visibility of your brand.


When it comes to the texture of hang tags, you have several choices including paper, leather, and others.

A proper choice of hang tangs material can make them more charming.


In terms of color selection, the color selection of hanging tags should be in harmony with the overall packaging color of clothing to show the taste and style of Products.


So before plowing your money into the tag customization, you have to answer the following questions:

  • Which industry are you in? Clothing? Shoes? When you have a clear answer to the questions, what you need to do is to go through the tags of peer companies for reference.
  • Go further. Let’s take the Clothing industry as an example. At this step, you should go further to the first answer. Do you focus on women’s clothing, men’s clothing, or children’s clothing? The deeper you can get into it, the more suitable your hang tags can be.
  • Material.
  • The shape of tags.
  • Special process of tag printing. The most common process is multi-color printing. Other than this one, you can also choose gold stamping, silver stamping, punching convex, UV, and others, according to your special requirements.


Packaging company you can choose for the product tag customization

Shenzhen Yutong 

We serve dozens of Fortune 500 customers and hundreds of high-end brands, providing professional and competitive packaging products, solutions, and services for customers in different industries like electronics, cosmetics, food, health, tobacco, and wine.

Their products include color boxes, gift boxes, instruction manuals, stickers, cartons, trays, as well as intelligent packaging, environmentally friendly packaging, functional packaging, etc.

They also provide professional services such as creative design, innovative R&D, integrated manufacturing, automated mass production, multi-regional operations, and fast delivery nearby.

Yutong’s design works have won many top industrial design awards such as Germany’s Red Dot Award, iF Design Award, and Mobius Advertising Award.


The WestRock is formed by the merger between MeadWestvaco and RockTenn.

The companies headquarter is in Norcross, Georgia, the U.S. Established in 2015, the new packaging company has generated a revenue of $15 billion.

Today, the company can support customers from diverse end markets around the world with 42,000 employees in 30 countries.

The products of WestRock include corrugated containers, Kraft paper, folding cartons, paperboard, displays, and protective packaging.

Like the other big packaging companies, West Rock cares about the environment by offering recycling packaging solutions. Recently, WestRock acquired Kapstone in 2018.

This enhances its ability to serve customers across systems. And make the specialty – craft paper products as an addition to their packaging solution portfolio. Other than a packaging company, WestRock is also known as one of the largest integrated recyclers.


Dingzheng Ltd. is a leading enterprise specializing in the production of flexible packaging, color boxes, and paper containers for foodstuffs in China.

To catch up with the technology development of the international packaging industry and provide customers with satisfactory quality, the company has introduced hundreds of sets of advanced equipment such as Fuji from Japan, Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Scarave, Rotemaker from Italy, Davis and Manroland from Germany.

Nowadays Dinzheng has more than 500 sets of advanced equipment such as high-speed printing machines, solvent-free laminators, more than 50 production lines, and 100,000-grade purification workshops.



At PrimePac, we bring together design experts and brand innovators to create fresh ideas, customized packages, and fully efficient processes.

We design creative packaging solutions that cater to a diverse global audience with the in-house knowledge and network of experienced professionals to meet the demands of every type of client.

From our dedicated sales team and warehouse staff in Australia to the experts at our production facilities in China, all of our employees are guided by four core values at the heart of our business: integrity, innovation, passion, and engagement.

primepack brand3


In this article, we have shared some information about tags, including what a tag can do, the benefits of using a tag, and tips about tag customization. Finally, we also introduced some companies which are reliable for you. We believe that this content can provide a greater understanding of the tags. If you have other questions, please feel free to contact us through email or telephone, we will reply as soon as possible, thanks for your reading!


paper cylinder

Why choose paper cylinder for packaging?


Paper cylinder packaging is becoming increasingly popular in the business world. It is light in weight, easy to transport, environmental protection, food, cosmetics, and other industries used. Paper cylinder made from recycled paper is also growing in popularity as they focus on protecting trees and reducing solid waste.

Due to the excellent performance of paper tube packaging, it has been widely used in many fields such as cosmetics packaging, essential oil packaging, food packaging, and so on. Either printed or unprinted cylinder packaging will be superior to square packaging in terms of aesthetics. There are many manufacturers on the web offering custom round boxes. They can be found by typing “Paper cylinder” on Google and other search engines, but you need to identify them carefully to find suppliers who can produce high-quality customized packaging. To judge the quality of the paper tube packaging is that the edge of the paper tube packaging has no crease, and other printing processes are also very good. We can meet your needs.

2 main pacy

The benefit of paper cylinder packaging


Paper cylinder packing box, also known as cylinder paper box, paper can, round box packaging, cylinder box, mainly consists of cylinder cover, cylinder body, cylinder bottom composition. Compared with the ordinary gift box, its biggest characteristic is that the shape is round. From the point of view of the production process, the cylinder box is mainly composed of the outer paper of the cylinder, the pipe, and the inner mounting layer of the cylinder. The advantages of carton packing are as follows:

1. Environmental protection.

Like paper gift boxes, paper cylinder boxes are also made of paper, which is an environmentally friendly material. As we all know, paper-based materials are the most environmentally friendly materials. They are taken from nature and can be naturally degraded after being discarded, causing no harm to the environment. Because the composition material is paper, so the paper cylinder box has the environmental protection characteristics of paper: a natural material, easy to degrade, will not cause secondary pollution to the environment.

2. It’s cheap.

Because the automated production of cylindrical box packaging machinery is higher than that of ordinary paper gift boxes, it consumes less labor, and the relative price is 40% – 60% cheaper than the bottom of the paper gift box. It does not need to be like a gift box, but also can be beer-shaped cardboard, slotting, manual-folding, laminating, a few processes can be formed, as long as a disposable professional paper cylinder machine according to the customized paper diameter pipe. It’s also easier to mount than a regular square gift box. With the help of a machine, large quantities of mounting paper can be installed efficiently. Mechanized production leads to the price advantage of round box packaging.

3. Customized printing customer design.

As we all know, in the more than two thousand years since Cai Lun invented paper in China, the kinds of paper have become more and more abundant. There are white-coated paper, kraft paper, black paper, colorful fancy paper, different lines of a special paper, and so on. Customers believe that the paper can be printed in a variety of rich design patterns, color or black and white. When you get there, you can print it. Also can be used for rich surface treatment or decoration, such as bronzing, bump/concave, over light/matte/tactile, silkscreen marks, etc. By installing and printing the face paper designed by the customer on the outside, the drum box can obtain a rich look and pattern design, can obtain the product in the introduction box, attracts the customer’s attention, the purpose of promoting the customer’s brand.


4, It can be used for packaging a variety of products.

Cylindrical gift box packaging is suitable for all types of packaging. It can be used as packaging boxes for cosmetics, mobile phones, nuts, biscuits, food, T-shirts, round pencil boxes, round candle boxes, glass bottle boxes, delicate round flowers and other electronic products, children’s game boxes, etc. Through the design of different sizes and structures, cylindrical box packaging has a wide range of packaging matching purposes.


5. Light and durable.

Compared with tin boxes and another packing, round boxes are light in weight and easy to handle. It is supported mainly by a strong paper cylinder core. It’s very strong and durable. The product can be well protected during transportation. Customers can keep the boxes after use, reuse them or use them as home storage boxes.


Paper cylinder packaging has this advantage, but where can we customize paper cylinder packaging? Major Custom specializes in the design and production of all kinds of paper cylinder boxes. If you need to customize your own packaging box, need to assist with the design, the price needs preferential, please contact us. We can provide you with one-stop service from design, proofing, custom production, and transportation. In short, if you tell us what you want, we can make what you want and send it to you.

6. Sustainability

More and more customers are paying attention to the environment and practicing sustainability in their daily lives, including buying behavior.


PET cans, metal cans, and paper tubes are environmentally friendly, recyclable, and biodegradable compared to other coffee packagings such as multilayer bags and pouches. As consumers become more environmentally conscious, it is necessary to look for more environmentally friendly coffee packaging options so that your customers can enjoy their delicious coffee in a sustainable way. Even better, with a “green” brand image, you have a better chance of winning your competition and getting more repeat customers.

3 main pacy

The cons of the paper cylinder

1. unit package price

Compared to zipper bags and bags, paper cylinder packaging has a much higher unit packaging cost regardless of the quantity ordered. Therefore, whether to use paper tube actually depends on the positioning of the product brand. If your product is aimed at the higher end of the market, you can afford this packaging price point. On the other hand, if the price of the product is low for the mass market, then paper cylinder packaging is definitely not the right choice.



If you are buying paper cylinder packaging from China or elsewhere abroad, shipping costs are an important aspect to be concerned about. Unlike bags, which can be pressed flat for transport, paper cylinders take up more space during transport. For air transport, in particular, more space means more money. If the pipe is large and transported by air, transportation costs may be too high. For large orders, make a purchase plan in advance and ship by sea. This can save a lot of transportation costs.


3. sealing

With additional lining and food-grade raw materials, paper cylinders can be used as primary packaging for the product and are not as sealed as zippered bags. With a zipper bag, customers can easily drain all the air out of the bag and then re-close it to form an air-tight seal.


However, it is not as good to do so by packing the tubes in paper cylinders, especially if the cylinders have paper ends. Metal end caps may help to provide a better airtight seal, but the minimum order quantity for metal caps is much higher. Therefore, the best practice is to use paper cylinders as secondary packaging for roasted beans to ensure excellent airtightness.



Tips when buying paper cylinder packaging

It is very important for enterprises to choose a good manufacturer to buy paper cylinders. The following considerations can help you identify a good seller to buy paper cylinders:


1.Type of packaging product

You should choose the correct type of paper packaging tube for the specialized product to be packaged. You should buy stronger paper cylinders for fragile and fragile items such as glass, ceramics, etc. Paper cylinders are ideal for packing products that need to be transported over long distances. They are light and durable and prevent any damage to the product during transit.


2.Buy from a trusted seller

It is important to buy paper cylinder packaging from a trusted seller. You can view online reviews and get feedback from others who have used such services. Buying from a reputable seller ensures that we get the best quality paper tubes to pack your products. You can also check that the paper cylinder packaging is ISO certified. Once you have identified a good seller, you should establish a long-term working relationship with them.


3.Check minimum order limits

Some sellers may impose minimum orders or quantity limits. Before giving them a work order, you must check with the seller to see if they have any minimum order quantity limits. Small businesses may not have a large demand for paper cylinders. It is natural to like the big manufacturers because they have the best equipment and resources. However, they may not have a high minimum order for small business tables on YouTube. Choose the seller that best meets your needs.


4.The price

You must explore a variety of sellers before analyzing which sellers are best for your business. It’s best to get quotes from at least three different sellers. You should try to choose the manufacturer with the lowest price. However, price should not be the only criterion for choosing a manufacturer. Some offer very low prices and compromise on product quality. You should choose a manufacturer who offers you the ideal combination of price and quality.


Paper cylinder is becoming popular all over the world. It offers a unique packaging option. Paper cylinder is light and easy to transport. They also provide good protection for packaged products from damage and contamination. It is also environmentally friendly and therefore helps to protect the environment. Paper cylinder packaging is widely used in cosmetics, food, and other different industries. This paper introduces the main advantages of using paper tube packaging in depth.

Calico bag

Calico Bag:8 Reasons for the Popularity


With the improvement of Eco-friendly awareness, ,people are focusing more on products that would not cause pollution to the environment.

One obvious example is that the less use of plastic bags.  Many years ago, when you go to the supermarket, the staff there would not mean to provide plastic bags to you for free.

Nowadays, the supermarket would charge the plastic bags, encouraging you to take bags yourself. From the example, we can know that what the social trend will be?

The environmental problem has been the priority, because of its connection with the earth, our living place.

So For these reasons, Calico bags has been increasingly popular nowadays.  In this article, we would share some knowledge about them. If you have interests, just read on.

calico bags 7

What is Calico?

Originated in the southwest Indian state of Kerala, Calico had had a long history of applying it into daily life before European traders first found it.

Since at least the 12th century, Calico has served as the canvas for artists and designers for its affordability and extreme durability. These two features also make Calico fabric popular nowadays.

“Calico” means an unbleached, unfinished fabric made from cotton fibers, which is always described as a half- processed cotton cloth.

The fabric in such condition will appear in the color of beige or gray tinge. It’s a little bit heavier than muslin, but not as heavy as canvas or denim. a common use for calico has been for cloth designers’ samples, or for the mock-ups made before final garments are crafted in more expensive fabrics.


The benefits of Calico bags


1. Affordable

As a natural fiber without complicated growing conditions, Calico can grow in different continents. Such conditions promise a voluminous flow of the raw material which enables us to produce different kinds of bags and carriage products.

On the other hand, With a big output of raw material, the price of Calico fabric can be lower. To the manufacturer, the cost of manufacturing can be lower at the same time.

So actually, affordability is the most important reason why calico bags can be one of the alternatives to plastic bags.

2. Open to Designs

As we mentioned above, the material of them is kind of “ half- processed”, so the color would be gray or beige.

This kind of color and the texture of the material enable people to imprint or emboss different designs and patterns on the bags.

No matter you want to decorate the bags with paints, tints, or another vision image, Calico is your best choice.

No matter what techniques you want to use, from digital, mechanical to printing methods, calico bags can hold it.

If you are a business owner, you may want to print the company logo on the bags, but actually, the calico can do more.

You can print some images which express your companies vision and others. Calico bags are durable, so people would take them outside again and again. That’s the perfect advertisement.

3. The durability of Calico Bags

With the support of modern construction techniques, The calico bag nowadays can provide users long durability without the bad influence on the planet earth.

The strong Tearing resistance enables you to use it for a super long time. Besides, the texture of Calico makes them ideal for making gunny bags, which are proper for the heavy-duty carriage.  Calico bags can be used as grocery bags, shopping bags, casual backpacks, and others.

The high durability of the product makes sure that the customers can use it for a long time without replacement and additional expenses, making a great contribution to the eco-friendly living style.


4. Reusable

A calico bag is not like a plastic bag, which can not be used when it breaks. People can only discard broken plastic bags.

Further, the plastic can not be degraded, so the chemicals left behind will worse the environmental problems.

When it comes to the calico bags, we would not face these problems. Slightly frayed calico bags can be used for other purposes.

Such as storage for good grains, cooking ingredients, raw condiments, etc.  Let’s assume that the calico you have is broken into pieces for roughly use. In such conditions, you can also sew the broken pieces together to serve as doormats, rugs, and other things with similar materials.

5. An Alternative to Plastic

As we mentioned above, environmental problems have become increasingly important for their influence on our life.

Calico bag is a perfect alternative the plastic, threatening the widespread use of plastic bags.

Governments from various countries have to devote themself together to promote the benefits of using them . Also, the policies should be on the same track.

Such promotion can help in the replacement of plastic bags,  also enhance the supply chain of calico bags.

A mature supply chain can lower the price as soon as possible, which can make the price of products more affordable and easy to contact with the public.

In addition to the durability of Calico bags, what calico bags can bring to both consumers and business owners will be far more than plastic bags.

For business owners, brand marketers, and promoters, calico bags are very good market tools. The versatility and durability of a calico bag can make it easy to be circulated among people, which increases the visibility of the brand.

So in the following part, we will introduce the benefits of Calico bags in the business area.


6. Higher visibility for your brand

Though we have mentioned the advantages of calico bags, again and again, it’s so significant. Calico bags’  high durability enables them to do many things in various conditions.

People can use them for almost anything. Carrying vegetables, books, toys, any items you want. That’s the perfect chance for a marketer.

Your brand can be shown up when your customers carry the calico bags outside. gradually, your brand will be more famous to the people who often see the calico bags with your brand logo. That’s how high visibility can make your business develop.


7. Enduring advertisement

The money you plow for the custom printed calico bags will be worth every penny.

Unlike the advertisement on the television, you can only leave a short-term impression on the customers when you pay a great deal of money for it.

If the advertisement video is not in, it’s possible to get no obvious results. Such problems would not happen when you turn to the marketing of Calico bags.

If you can make beautiful customized calico bags, what you can expect would not be less than the results you can get from Tv advertisements. And such advertisement can last for a long time because of its durability.

8. Larger surface area for customization

Calico bags can provide wide space for customization.

To attract people’s attention, how to design the image printed in the calico bags is significant.  A Calico bag has enough space for you to do such a thing.

The canvas made of calico fabric is proper for the artists and designers, which means that you can design and print some complicated images on the bags.

Why choose Primepac

Calico bags have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason: they’re comfortable, chic, eco-friendly, and durable. Best of all, they can be used time and time again.

Primepac offers a one-stop-shop for all your bulk calico bag needs. From small to large drawstring calico bags, double handle calico bags, tote bags, shoulder strap calico bags, and shopping bags, Primepac offers a wide variety at economical prices.

Calico bags are made of 100% cotton, able to be washed again and again. Not only are our calico bags stylish and versatile, but they are also reusable and a great choice for the eco-conscious consumer.

Our fashionable Calico bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Our Calico pouch bags can close with matching natural colored strings depending on your needs.

The larger pouch bags, as well as our tote bags, can be used as backpacks or be handheld.

With Primepac, you can order your very own printed calico bags. Our state-of-the-art printing capability allows us to provide high-quality printed logos and branding on your calico bags with a superfast turnaround.

Our calico bags are a stylish yet practical way to carry all of your essentials while reducing plastic bag waste in our landfills and in our oceans. From shopping bags to tote bags, to backpacks and pouch bags, you can trust Primepac to fulfill all your calico bag needs at a competitive price!


From the content we shared above, you may have a relatively clear knowledge of what is calico bags and the benefits of seeing calico bags.  Both to the environment and to ourselves, using calico bags is a good choice. Stopping using plastic bags is necessary.

If you have interests in the custom calico bags wholesale, contact Primepac, you would not be disappointed.

I have other questions about calico bags or Primepac, please feel free to contact us through email or telephone, we will reply as soon as possible.

Thanks for your reading!

calico bags 6

benefits of using Paper bags

Top 5 Benefits of Using Paper Bags


With the improvement of people’s environmental awareness, people are less likely to use plastic bags. Of course, the environmental reason is not the only reason people turn their way to paper bags.  In this article, we will share some content about the benefits of using paper bags.

The benefits of using paper bags

Portable paper bags have been indispensable packaging in the market.

It has been a marketing tool many companies have chosen.  As its name suggests, the material of paper bags includes paper, non-woven industrial cardboard, etc…

A lot of people also will use paper bags as the handbag which they will carry outside. A proper design paper bag can match different dresses up. There is another reason why people choose paper bags to take the place of plastic bags- Environmental protection.  The material of plastic bags can not be degraded easily, which will worsen the environmental problem. On the contrary, the material of paper bags mostly is degradable. So nowadays, many countries are introducing relevant policies to encourage companies to use more paper bags rather than plastic bags.

Last but not least,  a paper bag can help us reduce the pressure on our hands, helping us feel more comfortable when shopping or

That’s why people have an increasing passion for paper bags.  Both for personal use and the overall environment, the paper bag is a better choice compared with the plastic bags.

2 main paper bag scaled


We all know that the general traditional plastic shopping bags are easy to break. If you want to make it more solid, you are bound to increase the production costs. Portable paper bags will be a good solution to this problem, because of their toughness, wear resistance, solidity, and durability,  more high-grade paper bag also has a waterproof function and beautiful appearance and other characteristics.  Price is certainly more expensive than the traditional plastic bags, but the value of them is far more than that of the plastic bags.



Non- woven shopping bags as we mentioned in the previous articles. Can be a good tool for advertisement.  Paper bags have a relatively big space for customization when compared with plastic bags. they can be printed in different size, color, pattern and other.

Together with their solidity and durability,  Paper bags can also be named mobile advertising bags. The public effect the enterprise can get from paper bags is far greater than you can get from traditional plastic bags, high-grade paper bags are a manifestation of the company’s atmospheric momentum.

and its solid and durable, simply “mobile advertising bags”, its publicity effect for the enterprise is far greater than the traditional plastic bags. high-grade and beautiful-design paper bags are a manifestation of the company’s power and strength.

3.Environmental protection

Nowadays, environmental awareness has been stronger than ever before. So there is no doubt that paper bags would be a social trend.

Again, we will mention the features of the paper bags- toughness, wear resistance, durability, and being environmentally friendly. These features enable the paper bags to be reusable, which will not cause serious damage to the environment.

4.Conserving Natural Resources

The most obvious advantage of using paper bags is that they are extracted from unbleached and recycled brown kraft paper, which is a good solution to the natural resources and energy-saving, and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Thus, it’s high time for us to switch over towards the use of eco-friendly paper bags.


Consumers may also have such a misunderstanding: For the fashion look of portable paper bags, the price of it is certainly more expensive than the price of plastic bags. But it’s not the way you think.

In fact, compared to plastic bags, paper bags are more economical and affordable, why? Because plastic bags can generally only be used once, the number of uses is extremely limited, while portable paper bags can be used repeatedly. The enterprises can print patterns on the papers bags. With vivid color expression,  Paper bags can bring a more obvious promotion effect.

In this way, we can understand why paper bags are more economical.

6.Maintain  the species diversity

Because plastic bags can not degrade themself, marine animals are in great danger. Some research has shown that people found the plastic content inside the body of marine animals. When plastic clogs the oceans, lakes, rivers, the harmful toxic chemicals of plastic content will lead to the death of marine animals.

Other than that chemical reasons, the animals are possible to swell the plastic content, which will block their throat. Finally, they will die for the lack of food.

Some animals like sea turtles, minke whales, seabirds, and others, will misunderstand the plastic bag as food, which results in the bad end.

To maintain the species diversity of the earth we are living in,  Stop using plastic bags is necessary.

7.Paper bags can keep the food fresh

Kraft paper bags are suitable for packaging food, even in hot weather. They can keep the food fresh for a relatively long time. Because the kraft paper bags have air pores which can help air circulation. That’s why you can see the people in the America tv series always use kraft paper bags to hold vegetables when they finish shopping in Supermarket.

Different types of Paper Bags

There are many varieties of paper bags for various materials and styles.

According to the material, paper bags can be divided into white cardboard paper bags, white paper bags, copper paper bags, kraft paper bags, there are a small number of paper bags that are manufactured for a specific purpose.

1.White cardboard

white cardboard is firm and thick, with high stiffness, breakage resistance, and smoothness, and flat paper surface, people commonly use white cardboard with a thickness of 210 -300 grams the most used is 230 grams white cardboard. Printed with white cardboard paper bags, full color, paper texture is also very good, is your first choice for customization.

For the excellent texture of the white cardboard, The paper bags made of white cardboard paper can provide a very good color expression. It’s your first choice for customization.


2.Copperplate paper

copperplate paper is characterized by a very smooth and flat paper surface.

With high whiteness and smoothness, the graphics printed on Cooper plate paper will be more vivid.

Manufacturers commonly use paper with a thickness of 128 grams -300 grams. The only difference between copperplate paper and white cardboard locates in the stiffness. The stiffness of cooper plate paper is relatively weaker than that of white cardboard. As to other factors like color, you can expect the same result from both of them.

3.White kraft paper

With strong breakage resistance, good toughness, and strength. White kraft paper can provide a stable hue and even color distribution.

according to national regulations, supermarkets have to limit the use of plastic bags. Many countries in the world are promoting the trend of using environmentally friendly paper bags to strictly control plastic pollution. Plastic bags will be replaced by environmentally friendly paper bags.

That’s why The white kraft paper enjoys a bright future

The white kraft paper is made of 100% pure wood pulp, which is eco-friendly and nontoxic.

With excellent toughness, it’s unnecessary to laminate. It is widely used in the production of environmentally friendly clothing bags, high-end shopping bags, etc…

The only disadvantage is that the white kraft paper is lacking brightness and gloss. So we would not advise you to print some large ink images on the material.

4.Kraft paper

With a common color of brownish yellow, Kraft paper is also known as natural kraft paper. It Has high tensile strength and toughness.

It boasts high tear-resistance, rupture, and dynamic strength.

This kind of material is widely used in shopping bags, envelopes, etc…

People Commonly use kraft paper with thicknesses of 120 grams – 300 grams.

Kraft paper is generally suitable for printing uncomplicated manuscripts only with single-color or two-color uncomplicated manuscripts.

Compared to white cardboard, white kraft paper, natural kraft paper has the lowest price.

5.Black cardboard

This kind of Black cardboard is manufacturing for special purposes. Two sides of the material are black.  With fine texture, firmness, and thickness, Black cardboard boasts good folding resistance, stiffness and excellent tensile strength, and high breakage resistance.

For the double sides of black, the black cardboard can not print any color patterns. It was only suitable for hot stamping and some specific processes.

According to the different uses, paper bags can be divided into many types:  file bags, envelopes, handbags, cement bags, feed bags, wax paper bags, fertilizer bags, laminated paper bags, four-layer paper bags, medicine bags, garment bags, food bags, shopping bags, gift bags, wine bags.

Different uses of paper bags need to be manufactured in a specific size.


In this article, we share our experience with paper bags, including the benefits of using paper bags. On the other hand, we list some common materials people will use for the manufacture of paper bags and their pros and cons.

Through reading this article, you may have a relatively comprehensive understanding of the paper bag.  If you have other questions, please feel free to contact us, we will reply as soon as possible. thanks for your reading!

3 maain paer bba scaled

advantages of cardboard box

Advantages of cardboard boxes on the environment


One of the main materials we use at cardboard boxes to manufacture industrial packaging is corrugated cardboard, which is 100% recyclable and biodegradable, which is one of the advantages of cardboard box.

Although the packaging was originally primarily used to transport food from the manufacturer to the consumer, the fact is that it has gradually been perfected and today, the packaging is necessary for preserving almost all types of goods during transportation or over a long period of time. But the revolution in packaging has not stopped, and it is an increasingly protected product in the distribution chain.


In the industrial sector, cartons have been able to overcome wooden cases and become the protection and transportation packaging for mass consumer goods. Proof of this is the amount of cardboard or packaged products that pass through our hands every day.


Why using cardboard box is good for the environment?

1.It is one of the materials with the least impact on the environment. This is one of the main advantages of cardboard box , Its manufacture means carbon dioxide and oil emissions can be reduced by up to 60 percent compared with other materials.


2.It is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. This is one of the main advantages of cardboard box . Corrugated board degrades completely in up to one year. Since it is basically cellulose, its decomposition time is very short, and this degradation is accelerated if it is exposed to favorable weather conditions, i.e., being in a humid environment.


3.Minimize waste generation. Reduce, reuse and recycle: This is the way to avoid unnecessary cardboard consumption and this is one of the main advantages of cardboard .


4.Recycled cardboard boxes will not lose their durability or resistance and This is one of the main advantages of cardboard box recycling, After recycling, corrugated cardboard does not lose quality or properties and is more economical and this is one of the main advantages of cardboard box.


5.Recycling cardboard box allows us to save energy that could be used to make other resources. They require 90 percent less water and 50 percent less electricity and this is one of the main advantages of cardboard box.

1 main card scaled

1.Protect goods and products

It is important to choose the board box that will provide maximum protection for your products. This will benefit not only your customers but you as well. Full profit is guaranteed unconditionally when your goods are free from damage. Cartons help you maintain the value of the product from the point of production to the shipping point to the final destination. No other box can do as well as these boxes. Cardboard boxes are made of high quality and strong materials, which enables them to withstand any form of pressure or wear. When customizing your box with cardboard, choose carefully the thickness of the material required for the box. Thickness ranges from 280 GSM to 550 GSM, depending on your product requirements. Using these cardboard boxes, you can easily transport goods from one destination to another.


2.Highly flexible

There are many functions that make the carton more unique than any other packing case. These cardboard boxes are very adaptable. They can be easily cut to any shape or size, glued, pasted, and bound no matter what you like. The functions of these boxes are endless. The fact that they can be customized or cut to any size allows manufacturers to design unique boxes that completely wrap them.

3.Packaging all kinds of products

Cartons are an excellent packing box. They can store different products, such as books, shoes, small accessories, clothes and so on. Since they can be cut to any size or shape, there is absolutely no limit to what they can pack. That’s why many businesses prefer cartons because they make the packing more comfortable and have a variety of choices.


4.The light

For long-distance transportation of products, considering the weight of the container, the light packaging box is preferred. In this case, the cardboard box is more advantageous to the business owner. These cardboard boxes are not heavy. It’s best to say that when they’re on the scale, their weight doesn’t matter. This function remains the same regardless of the thickness of the material you use when customizing the box. However, because they are light in weight, they are easier to handle and transport from one place to another.


5.Packaging safety

If you are looking for boxes that can ensure the maximum security of your products, then these cardboard boxes will be your best choice and this is one of the main advantages of cardboard box. Cartons are designed to provide total protection for the goods. They can prevent your packages from being bumped everywhere. However, they also ensure that your product is completely free from shock, vibration, and shock.


6.Packaging availability

In addition to all the other unique functions of these boxes, cardboard boxes are also easy to buy. They can be seen in different designs and shapes, such as single walls, double walls, etc and this is one of the main advantages of cardboard box. However, you can have any design you want.


7. High-cost performance

Cost is one of the main factors that prevent many enterprises from choosing the right packaging box to supplement their products. Some people are even afraid that the cost of printing their boxes, in some cases, maybe high. They cost less than other packaging boxes, such as plastic packaging and this is one of the main advantages of cardboard box.


8.Easy to load into vehicles

Cartons not only come in a variety of designs, sizes, and shapes but can also be quickly loaded into vehicles or unloaded and arranged anywhere. They can even be easily stacked and this is one of the main advantages of cardboard box.

In addition to all the other unique functions of these boxes, cardboard boxes are also easy to buy. They can be seen in different designs and shapes, such as single walls, double walls, etc. However, you can have the design you want.

2 main card

Advantages of cardboard box recycling

1.Save energy:

This is one of the main advantages of cardboard box recycling, which can save a lot of energy. A large amount of energy is used to produce corrugated materials, which can be saved in this recycling process.

2.Promotion of renewable energy

This is one of the main advantages of cardboard box recycling,the recycling of cardboard promotes the use of renewable energy. The wood chips used in the recycling process usually come from pine trees, which are easy to regenerate. They are growing relatively fast.

3.Environmental protection

This is one of the main advantages of cardboard box recycling, the recycling of cardboard greatly reduces the amount of waste in landfills. This in turn promotes and improves environmental conditions and keeps them clean. Most of the contents in cardboard are biodegradable, which is considered green material.

4.Saving the Trees

This is one of the main advantages of cardboard box recycling, a lot of trees can be saved in the process. If the cardboard is recycled, fewer raw materials are needed. This, in turn, benefits the environment and humanity as a whole.

5.Job creation

This is one of the main advantages of cardboard box recycling, recycling creates many jobs for people, from collecting waste paper boards to filling products into the market. This, in turn, has increased economic stability and growth.

6.Reducing greenhouse gases

This is one of the main advantages of cardboard box recycling,because cardboard is biodegradable, it breaks down automatically. But sometimes it gives off harmful gases. Therefore, if these materials are recycled, greenhouse gas emissions will be greatly reduced.


Steps of cardboard box recycling


This is the first step in the recycling process. Cardboard box is collected from trash cans, dumping sites, collection centers, and scrap yards. All of this is shipped to the factory for recycling.


This is the next step in the cardboard recycling process. Now corrugated cartons are classified according to the added material or into carton board and corrugated board. A corrugated board is usually thick, hard cardboard with a heavy pulp. Boxboard, on the other hand, is usually thinner and relatively flexible compared to corrugated boards. Cartons are used to make cereal boxes, egg boxes, etc.

3.Crushing and pulping

After the material is sorted, it is chopped up into tiny pieces. After this process, the fragments are mixed with water and chemicals and then made into pulp. Water and chemicals are added to break down the paper scraps and turn them into a pulpy substance. This process is often called pulping. After this process, the new pulp is added to the mixture. New pulp is usually added from wood chips. Now the whole thing solidifies and becomes firm.


4.Filtration and deinking

Now proceed to the filtering process. At the end of the filtration process, the pulp must pass through a filter to remove impurities such as tape, glue, plastic, staples, and rope, with the plastic floating on top and the heavy objects such as staples falling on the bottom of the filter. The filtration process is followed by a deinking process. Here, the filtered pulp is passed through a flotation unit. Here, the pulp is again treated with a series of chemicals to remove the ink and dye. This process is often called a cleaning process. The final product is ready for final processing.

Now proceed to the filtering process. At the end of the filtration process, the pulp must pass through a filter to remove impurities such as tape, glue, plastic, staples, and rope, with

5.Reusable end products

After cleaning, the final product is now again mixed with the new material and placed on heated conveyor belts and cylindrical surfaces for drying. During the drying process, the pulp is also used by automated machines to release excess water. This helps to form the long coil into a solid plate called the inner plate and the medium. These inner plates are now glued together and layered to make a new card plate.

advantages of cardboard box


Cartons are a unique packing box with many advantages. In terms of the advantages of cardboard box, hese boxes are suitable for any business and they provide the best packaging solution for any product. For those who want to easily conduct their business without any challenges in product packaging, the best choice is to choose custom packaging with cardboard material. These boxes offer many benefits that can make your employees’ lives easier, while also increasing your sales and profits. Here are some of the advantages and reasons to choose cardboard boxes for your business.

block bottom sack

Why we choose block bottom sacks


The block bottom sack has a rectangular bottom with side folds on both sides. Also known as AD*STAR bags, they are ideal for automatic filling and packaging of materials such as cement, flour, dried fruit, seeds, spices, grains, and more, making them a superior and more powerful alternative to paper bags. They are recyclable and resistant to air, thus attracting a large number of packaged products.

They are available in a variety of colors and designs, absolutely custom-made sizes, and PRIMEPAC according to your brand requirements. Block bottom pockets have a number of advantages, such as tear resistance, high transparency, and can ensure the safety of food inside. They cannot be tampered with easily because they are sealed and machined.


What is the design of the block bottom sacks?

The block bottom bag is a free-standing packing on top of the gable. It has wide side corner braces that define and support the bottom of the block through top and bottom seals. It also has a vertical fin or lap seal along the back of the bag. It is similar to pillow pockets with corner struts and simple pillow pockets but is defined by its wide corner struts and unique block bottom.

In addition to the basic design, you can customize the block bottom pocket to meet the needs of your product and brand. It can have different punch styles for sale, and features such as zippers and punch lines can be added to support easy opening and re-closing.

2 main block scaled

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the block bottom pocket?

The color sack itself is superior in nature, between the water and gas insulation performance is good, in the packaging of professional, widely used, can package food, grain, powder and other different forms of products, but also can package electronic products. It can be used to extend the shelf life and storage life of perishable commodities. Light-colored bags are of good quality and take up less space, which can be useful to save space and reduce costs during transportation and storage. Color bags, not only can do sales packaging, transportation packaging can also be measured in large size, a wide range of applications, convenient processing, and compared with other packaging materials, color printing packaging bags of raw materials and low production costs.


Benefits of Block bottom sacks

Block bottom sacks are mainly customized processing, no spot, can only order, not suitable for the delivery time is very tight customers. Definitely a minimum quantity of an order, not suitable for a small number of customers.


Block bottom sack manufacturers only by providing more one-stop value-added services to win customers, to stand in the position of helping customers understand the market. Progress technology design through the strength of the enterprise, to help customers choose the best product design scheme, to help customers improve product quality, save costs, maximize customer interests, become your regular customers.


Block bottom sack is a kind of packing bag that can be filled quantitatively at high speed by inserting the valve port at the top or bottom of the bag into the material-filling port of the valve bag filling machine. It has a variety of different types of valve ports to choose from to accommodate a variety of different types of valve pocket fillers and packaging products. High-strength kraft paper or paper-plastic composite cloth for packaging. It has high hardness and strong impact resistance. It is filled with material and automatically contains growth cubes for easy stacking. Suitable for granular, powdery, and ultrafine powdery. Material packaging is a kind of environment-friendly packaging bag commonly used in the world, especially suitable for export-oriented enterprises.


Flat bottomed stand-up bags, also known as corner straps, could represent the next big thing in food packaging. Expect to see more of these types of creative food packaging on store shelves everywhere, as the benefits are too great to ignore. Here are some of the main advantages of this type of stand-up bag:


They use less film but hold more: it is hard to find a bigger advantage than packaging that uses less material and frees up more space for the product. Because the flat-bottomed bags use 12 percent less film but have a larger capacity, they require much less energy to make and weigh less. Both of these factors reduce costs and make them more suitable for our environment.

No outer cartons: These bags are designed to eliminate the need for outer cartons, thus reducing costs.

Replacement of inner layers: As part of the bag design, laminating of different types of materials made this possible.

They also have a resealable zipper lock that works: this apparently provides a more useful and interesting bag for dog snack packaging and many other products.

Side corner braces mean more space for printing: the extra space can be used to help promote the brand and sell the product.

Flats are safe and stable: This makes them easier to store and display on supermarket shelves.


BOPP woven polypropylene or laminated bags offer high breakage and drop resistance. They also provide better moisture resistance than kraft paper bags. In addition, we also provide UV-resistant treatment for bags that are exposed to or stored in the sun.

Pleasant to print

Provide customers with two printing possibilities. Print directly on the laminated bag or add a layer of BOPP printing inside to protect your visual effect while providing excellent print quality.

The main feature of this product is that there can be an impression on every side of it.

Dimensional stability

With a wide variety of ranges and different carefully controlled widths, our process fits the required widths for production.

Food contact capacity

The raw materials used in our bag manufacturing process are carefully selected. Migration tests and food certificates are provided by our suppliers and our quality department.

block bottom sack

How does the block bottom sack adapt to the current market trend?

Block bottom valve bag is widely used in chemical raw materials, organic pigments, food additives, pharmaceutical additives, building materials, etc., is suitable for the square bottom valve bag packaging industry.

Birth of valve bag: under the guidance of improving packaging efficiency and convenient transportation, the birth of the bag. The overall appearance of the bag is square, very suitable for stacking transportation; the Bottom valve port is easy to fill material, easy to seal. The new environment-friendly packaging of canning equipment can be divided into paper-plastic compound valve pockets or a multi-layer paper valve pocket. In order to facilitate filling, holes can be punched in the bag to facilitate gas discharge and prevent the bag from bursting during filling. Products that need to be protected from moisture can be wrapped with a plastic film in the middle of the paper.

Standalone bags, mixers, and other retail packaging are all the rage right now. Customers usually want the product to be unloaded directly from the pallet to the shelf. In the case of mixed packaging, they simply remove the lid from the box and they will have a variety of given products ready for the customer to choose from.


Block bottom sacks fit perfectly with these trends. Because they are stand-alone bags, they can go on shelves and can be easily removed by customers. Their shape makes them easy to store and transport. Also, they often appear in mixed packaging.

In other words, the block bottom sack is an old thing, but a good thing.

Block bottom sacks market: regional analyze

A geographic analysis of the block bottom sack market finds that the Asia-Pacific and Africa regions are likely to drive demand for them. In countries such as India and China, polypropylene block bottom sacks are used in the cement industry. In addition, China is one of the leading manufacturers of cement and has a significant impact on the dynamics of the cement packaging industry and has a significant impact on the block bottom sacks industry. As a result, demand for block bottom sacks in the Asia-Pacific region is expected to remain strong this decade.


India, the world’s second-largest cement producer after China, is expected to see major growth during this decade. Since the beginning of the cement industry in 1914, the market has evolved from shortages, restrictive legal regulations, and imports. Today’s cement industry has come a long way from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market. Packaging and sales were a challenge, which strengthened the cement capacity, which remained stable with the arrival of block bottom sacks in the market.


The block bottom sacks market is currently small but is expected to grow exponentially with the entry of new players and the expansion of small and medium enterprises in different market segments. In terms of other forms (paper, BOPP), the market is expected to grow with the rise of the upcoming FMCG industry in the Asia-Pacific region and the EMEA region.



Increasing urbanization and awareness of better packaging are some of the features expected to drive the growth of the global block bottom sacks market. In addition to providing excellent storage capacity for products, block bottom bags also provide economical and efficient printing and excellent display. In recent years, consumers are pursuing sustainable packaging to influence their choices, which has played a crucial role in the progress of the block bottom sacks market.

stand-up pouches packaging

What makes the stand-up pouches packaging so popular?


Packaging trends come quickly, and even if you have your finger on the pulse of the industry, there are always innovating new ways to showcase items you might not have considered.

Stand-up pouches packaging is one of the most convenient, flexible, and popular new options. They have been around for decades, but are rapidly gaining popularity amid growing public interest in efficiency and reducing waste.

Basically, a stand-up pouch packaging is a soft-edged container that can stand on its own without support. They usually have resealable zippers, rails, and/or nozzles, and can carry items in solid, liquid, or powder form.

As a result, they are widely accepted, popular, and preferred by manufacturers of food, beverage, care products, vitamins, pet food, and more. These microwavable bags and pouches feature easy-to-open rip openings and strong latches to keep products fresh for a long time. Still, you are not sure how and which bag to determine for your product? Read the post to learn more.

DM 20210714143325 013

The benefits of stand up pouches

If you want to imagine what these little bags look like, think of the staple of an elementary school lunch box: Capri Sun Single-Serving Drink. Many baby food or granola containers also have stand-up pouches.

Scan the shelves of any retailer in 2019, and you’ll start to notice stand-up bags everywhere.

Flexible packaging bags: one of the fastest-growing flexible packaging market segments

Because of their versatility, flexibility, and rich range of potential uses, stand-up pouches (also known as flexible bags) are more popular than ever — and are an important addition to the options available in manufacturing.

More and more products are packed in these pouches, from coffee beans to soap refills to potato chips.

According to a study by the Freedonia Group, demand for stand-up pouches packaging in the United States will grow nearly 6 percent year on year to $2.9 billion by 2022.

Because they are lighter and take up less shelf space, stand-up pouches generally make product handling and storage easier — so they should be a serious packaging consideration for many manufacturers.

Upright and angular bags benefit brands, manufacturers, and consumers

Standalone and corner support bags have many potential benefits, depending on your product needs or content.

These include:


Stand-up pouches packaging can often be resealed, which is a big advantage for consumers. Perishables like vegetables, for example, can stay fresh longer with a sliding zipper that can be re-closed. In addition, they make it easier for people who may have disabilities or face dexterity challenges to turn products on and off.

Remove the window

Transparency is an option for pouches. These windows allow consumers to view the contents of the container and often increase the likelihood of a purchase. As a recent Forbes article pointed out, “Beyond what’s listed on the label, consumers want to see the real thing before they buy.”

DM 20210714143325 003


Stand-up pouches are usually recyclable or can be made from recyclable or sustainable materials — a key factor in today’s market expectations. Once you enter a multi-layer bag that includes foil and other barrier layers, you will be limited.

Less material

Compared to many competing options, stand-up pouches require less material to produce, thus reducing waste and manufacturing costs, and reducing carbon footprint. Because they are lighter, it can also reduce transportation costs. Consumers are also looking for more sustainable options, so these pouches have retail appeal.


Nozzles have been added to the top of these pouches, making it easy to pour products such as sauces and other liquids into them without causing any confusion.


Although the stand-up pouches are made of flexible material, they are strong and designed to stay standing – even if the bag is only partially full. This is where they are ideal for resealable products or for items that may be used intermittently.

The handle

Handles are an additional option for stand-up pouches. These additions make it easy for consumers to carry products without the need for extra bags.

What’s more, the trend toward stand-up pouches is in line with consumers’ changing eating habits. People are moving away from three main meals and toward snacks throughout the day.

According to a 2018 study by Technomic, consumers are now more likely (than in 2016) to substitute snacks for one or two meals a day. Eighty percent of consumers said they snack at least once a day.

stand up pouches support this trend, as they can usually be resealed and/or can contain small portions that are ideal for a single size portion.

DM 20210714143325 004

Why choose stand-up bags for product packaging?

Choosing your packaging criteria always starts with identifying the main requirements for your product. Here are some important reasons why stand-up pouches packaging may be the best choice for your product.

1.Better Brand Awareness

As mentioned earlier, the packaging is an important branding and sales tool. Shelf-mounted packages provide minimal visibility, while the stand-up pouches act like their own poster or hoard upright on a shelf. They provide better visibility and space for high-resolution graphics to appeal to consumers.

2.Product Preview

The main focus of the stand-up pouches packaging is to show the contents of the bag and to show the product inside. Vertically laminated bags will neatly accentuate your products while avoiding distortions in shape. In addition, if it is a stand-up pouch, the important and mandatory information listed on the package is clearly visible from a distance.

3. Promotion and sale

Stand-up pouches packaging is available in various sizes and lengths in different market segments. In this regard, the main focus of Pouch is to provide products in smaller quantities or sample quantities to promote them and build brand awareness. Promotional packs take up less space and are perfect for packing sample sizes. Promo packs allow consumers to experience your product without any purchase commitment.

Preservation and protection

Stand-up pouches packaging is not only great for displaying your products, but their storage and protection capabilities make them popular. The size of the bag plays a crucial role in protecting any kind of product, including sharp or bulky objects. You can use these bags to store frozen items, though. When choosing bags, consider the specifications and special additives in the material that are essential for the preservation and protection of the product.

5.Convenience and portability

These flexible stand-up pouches take up less space on shelves or kitchen shelves than jugs or boxes. They can be carried or transported from one place to another without any trouble or leakage problems. In addition, they have reclosing zippers. This helps consumers reseal when they have some content left in the bag.

6.Sustainability and Economy

Like all flexible packaging, stand-up pouches require less material and less energy to manufacture. Rigid packaging costs three times as much energy per unit as stand-up pouches. This means that laminated stand-up pouches can save companies costs and improve profit margins. On the distribution side, more units of stand-up pouches are packed in a car, thus helping to save on fuel costs.


All the features outlined make the stand-up pouches stand out in the packaging industry. No wonder they are one of the fastest-growing packaging formats. Are you looking forward to buying a stand-up pouch for your product or brand? If so, consider consulting with some of the industry’s leading Plastic bag manufacturers, such as Universal Plastic. The company manufactures a full range of flexible packaging for its customers. They have a wide range of stock, including plastic bags, resealable bags, trash bin linings, clothing bags, etc.

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What makes the stand-up pouches so popular?

Inflexible packaging, stand-up pouches may be one of the fastest growing firms. Over the past few years, stand-up pouches have played an important role in the transition from rigid to flexible packaging.


Like rigid packaging, stand-up pouches stand upright and easy to grip. But because it’s flexible, it’s easier to store and put in shopping bags.


Brands and retailers have noticed and therefore exploited their (and their consumers’) strengths, and it’s this ease of use among consumers. Consumers are more likely to buy products with convenient packaging than those with inconvenient packaging.


Packaging analysts say the standalone bags first caught on in the food sector. In the food sector, stand-up pouches make it easier for children to get food, while also reducing confusion.


In short, the stand-up pouches are easier to use. In addition, depending on the food, it may make more sense to use flexible packaging rather than hard packaging.


When considering packaging, ask yourself if you can make the process of getting food easier by using a stand-up pouch. If the answer is yes, it may be in your best interest to use stand-up pouches instead of other types of packaging.



Packaging has become an important part of the branding campaign because it is the appearance of the product. Not only can it protect your food or items, but it also helps keep them fresh and original. Nowadays, there are many options in terms of packaging, including stand-up pouches packaging. Top brands from all walks of life are replacing traditional packaging with flexible packaging methods as they focus on using environmentally friendly and lightweight packaging materials. Stand-up pouches packaging fits all of these categories and can be placed directly on retail shelves.

use of non woven bags

Truth about use of non woven bags


A bag made of polypropylene nonwoven fabric with a cotton finish is called a non woven bag. In terms of the use of non woven bags, these soft, smooth bags are attractive and popular with today’s shoppers and the environmentally-conscious generation. These eco-friendly non woven bags are now the preferred choice of retailers, wholesalers, and major brands because of their ability to produce attractive colors and prints and their durability in the use of woven bags.

For a long time, we have been using plastic bags to satisfy our shopping needs. Plastic bags are the norm in public markets, malls, department stores, and other places where people buy and sell things. However, climate change is becoming an increasing threat, which has led to calls for a ban on plastic bags. In this article, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of non woven shopping bags, which are touted as an alternative to plastic bags.

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The difference between woven and non woven bags

Woven and non woven bags are great and can be customized. Each package has its own unique advantages and features. But what’s the difference?

Woven bags are usually made of woven fabric. This gives the fabric strength. Usually, individual wires are joined together to make a piece of material. This process is usually repeated to produce a strong cloth. Then the cloth is used to make the woven bags.


Non woven bags, on the other hand, are usually manufactured. Although they are also made of fabric, the fabric is usually entangled rather than woven. This can be done mechanically, chemically, or thermally, depending on the product used.


It should be noted that woven bags and non woven bags are part of the recycling bag printing business. That’s because they’re all made from recycled materials. The only difference is the way they are constructed.

The benefits of non woven bags

Non woven bags can be printed on the company logo, brand information, service life of up to 5 years. Therefore, it can be used over and over again. That’s why the bags are popular with marketers. Let’s take a look at five benefits of using environmentally friendly non woven bags:

1. Great advertising tools:

For the use of non woven bag, a stylish and vibrant print bag is a great advertising tool. Non woven bag manufacturers print company logos and brands and produce stylish and trendy exquisite bags. In addition, people are shunning the usual PET bags in favor of reusable, recyclable, non woven tote bags due to the growing awareness of using environmentally friendly products. As a result, these packages can prove to be excellent advertising tools for companies in the use of woven bags.

2. The economy:

In terms of non woven bags, these bags are customized in a way that can greatly reduce production costs. These bags can be manufactured using a sealed ultrasonic method, which saves time and money on stitching and thus significantly reduces costs. This makes it very economical. Malls and retailers are starting to charge for the bags, which are easy for consumers to pay for in the use of non woven bag.


3. Durable:

Compared to traditional shopping bags, the use of non woven bags are durable and can last up to five years. In short, these bags can be used and reused hundreds of times and can carry more loads than traditional shopping bags. These bags are waterproof, beautiful, and recyclable. These bags don’t break, tear, or wear the way paper or PET bags do. Therefore, non woven bags are definitely better than other similar products for the use of non woven bags.


4. Fashion:

The packaging company in Mumbai produces the bags and makes sure they look stylish. These bags are the perfect choice for today’s fashionable, style-conscious generation in the use of woven bags.

5. Environmental protection:

More and more companies, retailers, and wholesalers are fulfilling their social responsibility by switching to environmentally friendly non woven bags. Companies that act responsibly and fulfill their social responsibilities are perceived as trustworthy by consumers. As a result, these reusable bags will act as brand ambassadors for the company and go a long way in winning customers for the use of non woven bag.

With increasing awareness of the environment and in line with the government’s Clean India initiative, these non woven bags are sure to be here for the long haul in the use of non woven bags.

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The disadvantage of non woven bags

1.It takes more time and effort to create

Unlike paper and plastic bags, which can be easily made together, non woven shopping bags require more labor and time in the use of non woven bag.

2.Not waterproof

Depending on the material and structure used, non woven bags are not waterproof. So don’t expect them to keep water in the bag or to keep it from getting into the bag. This is one of the clear winning factors for plastic bags and other shopping bags that use PVC or plastic coating.

Why non woven bags are so popular?

Protecting the environment is a major problem. Every small step in this direction makes a relevant contribution. Adding non woven fabric bags to plastic and paper bags is such a step.

With the improvement of awareness, people began to understand the necessity of using non woven bags. Whether it’s shopping bags, packaging bags, or anything else, they’re used in every possible way.

The following are some of the advantages of non woven bags:


Companies like ZedPack offer a variety of nonwoven bags. With the wide variety of colors and styles available on the market, they can help you increase your style quotient. You can choose from a variety of styles, including D-cut, loop handle, box, shiny and more.


One of the greatest advantages of non-woven bags is their durability. They are made by combining chemical formulas with long and short fibers. It makes them strong. Bags do not tear easily, so they are durable.

3.The environmental protection

One of the reasons for the single-handedly driven shift from plastic bags to non woven bags is that they do not harm the environment. Also, unlike paper bags, they are not made by cutting down trees. Environment-friendly bags are the need of the moment.

4.Reusable and lightweight

Strong non woven bags have the advantage of being reusable. They can be easily cleaned and reused.

These bags are very light in weight. Zedpack’s non woven bags are convenient and effective, making them the perfect companion for your trip.

5.The fluid

The fabric used to make non-woven bags is water-repellent by nature. This allows the bags to function even in the rainy season.

6.Provide convenient storage

Storing these bags is a very easy thing to do. They are collapsible and can be stackable in closets, drawers, etc. They take up very little space and are easy to carry in the use of non woven bags.

7.Economic material benefit

Non woven shopping bags are great value for money. Compared to plastic and paper bags, they are cheaper and easily fit anyone’s budget in the use of non woven bags.


100% recyclable non woven bags play an important role in protecting the environment. Paper bags can only be recycled up to three times, while non woven bags can be recycled multiple times.

9.Provide effective ventilation

The tightly woven pattern of the non woven bags provides adequate ventilation for the products carried. This is useful when food items such as candy or vegetables need to be transported in the use of non woven bag.

10.Effective branding tools

Non woven packaging bags can be made in different shapes and sizes. It can be created on-demand, based on the products that need to be packaged or carried. This flexibility has helped them become one of the most effective branding tools. Companies can easily print them in the colors of their choice as well as their logos and mottos.

Branding not only defines the company’s vision but also captures the audience’s attention. This ultimately leads to an increase in the customer base, which in turn increases business.

The market is experiencing a surge in the use of non woven bags. They not only offer multiple advantages but also promise a bright future for the environment.

2 main

The use of non woven bag

These bags are a much-improved alternative to PE or polyethylene bags because they are made of polypropylene (PP), which has a very different structure from polyethylene. Since PE has a more stable structure, it is much more difficult to separate. To be honest, it takes about 300 years for it to fully biodegrade. On the contrary, polypropylene is prone to chain degradation due to its unstable chemical structure and the use of non woven bag.


For the use of non woven bags, you can purchase non woven bags online on our website, for grocery stores, department stores, promotional companies, wine bags, cake and coffee bags, food bags for carrying large amounts of flour, rice, clothing bags, insulation bags, cross-body bags, folding bags, zipper tote bags, and drawstring gift bags.


Non woven bags are the most environmentally friendly, versatile, and practical bags on the market today. More and more people look forward to the widely use of non woven bags.


Non woven bags are rapidly becoming one of the most popular types of reusable bags for retail use. There are many reasons and benefits that drive popularity. The bags are made of non woven polypropylene or NWPP for short. Polypropylene non-woven fabric bags are polypropylene polymer spun into fluffy long threads, and then the threads are pressed together to get a woven texture of the flexible fabric. Texture creates breathable and washable fabrics. What’s more, polypropylene non woven fabrics are very durable, and the color and texture of polypropylene non woven bags can last for years. This will enable your customer to continuously use the bag over and over again. Essentially, your customers can reuse your brand of reusable bags for years to come. By sending your customers home with non-woven bags, you will be launching a batch of brand ambassadors for your company who use your customized reusable bags in their daily lives.

benefits of Non-Woven Bag

Top 4 benefits of Non-Woven Bag

Top 4 benefits of Non-Woven Bag

non woven bags 5 副本


As people have an increasing sense of environmental protection, people are more likely to use environment-friendly materials in a different areas.

One of the examples is that the popular use of electricity in the automobile area. More daily, for the benefits of Non-Woven Bagwe can see that the Non woven bags are taking place of plastic bags.

Such trend can be proved by the development of the Non-woven fabrics market, which is estimated to grow from USD 22.62 Billion in 2016 to USD 31.85 Billion by 2022. Compared with plastic bags, Nonwoven bags are more reusable, which means more friendly to the environment. Compared with the woven bags, they are more affordable and easy for mass manufacture.

In this article, we will make Overall guidance about Non-Woven bags, including their material, benefits, types, and the difference between Non-Woven bags and Woven bags.

If you are hesitating to make your decision, this article can help. Just reading on.

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1. What is the material of Non-Woven Bags? 

There are four common types of the nonwoven materials

We will introduce these four types of material in the following content.





(1). Spunbound/Spunlace

Spunbond non-woven fabric is a kind of nonwoven fabric, which is made of polypropylene. During the process, the polypropylene will be polymerized into a web by high-temperature drawing, and then glued into a kind of cloth by a hot-rolling method. Because of the simple process, large output, non-toxic and harmless to the human body. Therefore, it is widely used in various fields such as sanitary materials and so on.

(2). Airlaid

Airlaid Non-woven fabric is produced by the Airlaid technology, which is a new method to produce nonwoven fabric by air webbing and different consolidation methods with wood pulp fiber as the main raw material.

The Airlaid fabric can also be called dust-free paper and dry paper nonwoven fabric. It adopts the airflow web forming technology to open the wood pulp fiberboard into a single fiber state, and then uses the airflow method to make the fiber agglomerate on the web forming curtain, finally the fiber web is reinforced into cloth.

(3). Dryland

Dryland nonwoven fabric is a nonwoven fabric made of staple fibers that are formed into a “fiber network” by the dry method and then reinforced by mechanical, chemical, or thermal processing methods.

It has been applied in a wide range of areas and is one of the earliest categories of nonwoven fabric. The network consolidation technology includes hot bonding method (including hot melt method, hot rolling method), mechanical network consolidation method (including needle punching method, jet solid network method); “chemical bonding method” (including impregnation method, a spraying method, foam method, printing method, solvent method).

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(4). Wetlaid

Wet nonwoven fabrics are made from chemical fibers, inorganic fibers, and other fiber materials by “wet forming”. Through the bonding methods like “chemical bonding” or Thermal bonding, the fiber material can be formed into a nonwoven fabric.

It has higher strength, softness, and elasticity than commonly used paper. The main advantage of wet nonwoven production process includes fast production speed, low density of product surface, uniform and fine structure.

Such fabric has been applied in both industrial areas and medical areas, such as the manufacture of Medical hygiene materials, interlinings, and functional materials for industrial use……

2. The benefits of Non-Woven Bags 

(1). Material

The material of Non-woven bags is a web or sheet of polypropylene fibers. Through the methods of the machine, thermal power, or chemistry, people bond the polypropylene fibers together. They are flat, porous sheets that are made directly from separate fibers.

Nonwoven polypropylene is a very practical fabric. It’s applied in the manufacturing of Non-Woven Bags because it’s strong and lightweight. From the users, they can carry the Non-Woven Bags everywhere easily. From the perspectives of business owners. Lightweight means an inexpensive cost for shipment.

Other than the Non-Woven Bags, it’s comfortable and soft enough for the manufacturing of surgical masks and gowns.

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(2). Eco-Friendly

Such advantages can be figured out when you compare the Non-woven polypropylene bags and Plastic bags. Non- woven bags are reusable, recyclable. Also, they are easy to be cleaned.

The elements of Nonwoven polypropylene bags mostly include 5-Type recyclable plastic. Reuse and recycle of the bags can prevent pollution to the land. When they have been recycled, they can be made into new bags.

From the energy perspective, As we mentioned above, Non-woven bags are not like Woven bags.

The ways we use to produce Non-woven are more energy-saving than the ways we use to manufacture Woven bags. For the latter one, we need to knit and weave the materials from threads to clothes.

If the woven bags can be accepted more widely, we believe that the pollutants can be decreased to a significant level.

(3). Affordable

One of the reasons for its affordability is the efficiency of manufacturing. Unlike Woven bags, Unwoven bags can be produced at a shorter time and inexpensive price. In addition to its lightweight, the cost for the shipment can be decreased. So in a word, the cost for a batch of Non-woven bags will lower than the cost for a batch of woven bags.

You should also face the problems that different factories have different levels of processing, how to find a reliable manufacturer for the woven bag would be an important problem.

(4). Good way for advertisement 

For business promotion, a Nonwoven polypropylene bag is a good choice.

They can be produced in different colors and printed with your company logo. If you would like to be more creative, you can provide a reversible Nonwoven polypropylene bag, putting two patterns on the two sides of the bag. Such doing can make your bags more attractive.

Non-woven bags are very proper for daily uses like shopping. When people carry the bags with your company logo and walk outside, the goal of promotion has been perfectly achieved. It would be better if you can make the design of the bags more charming.

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3. Different between Non-woven bag and Woven bag

We have to introduce some differences between these two kinds of bag. In this part, we will further discuss their difference.

These two kinds of the bag have their unique benefits and characteristics. Having a clear understanding of their difference enables you to make a decision properly.

We should know that both woven and non-woven bags are eco-friendly because the material they use is recycled and reusable.

The only difference comes from the way they are built.

(1). Woven Bags

The fabric we use for the manufacturing of Woven bags is made by weaving. The individual threads are joined to make one piece of material. Such a process will be repeated until we get the whole strong piece of cloth, which is the material of a woven bag.

There are many weaving styles for Woven bags. Which one you choose to use depends on what do you want to bags to be used for. The common weave styles are twill, satin weave, and plain weave. No matter which kinds of weaving style you choose, a woven bag can provide you following advantages:

(1) Flexible but strong enough to maintain their shape

(2) Reusable

(3) Easy to clean, suitable for machine washing

If you choose Woven bags, you should also face some disadvantages:

(1) Easy to catch bacteria and germs, that’s why woven bags are not proper for the goods like meat and vegetable, and other things which will contact with the surface directly.

(2) Without water resistance.

use of non woven bags

(2). Non Woven Bags

Nonwoven bags are more common in our daily life as compared to the woven bags. They can provide almost the same advantages as woven bags. But why they are more common, because they are more affordable. For companies and organizations, the customized nonwoven bag has been the perfect promotional gift, which makes a great difference to the establishment of brand identification. The advantages you can get from Non woven bags include:

(1) Reusable

(2) Water absorption

(3) Affordability

Also, you have to face the disadvantages

(1) Shorter durability

(2) Can not be washed

(3) Catch bacterial and germs

We can see that both woven and nonwoven bags have the same property:reusable. Such property enables them to take place of the plastic.

4. Different type of Non-woven bag

(1).D Cut Non-Woven Bag

D cut Non woven bags can be carried on your shoulder when you take them outside. Nowadays it’s the most common type of Non woven bags in shops and stores. As part of the bag, The handle of the D-cut bag is flexible and soft, but it would not be ripped easily.

(2). W Cut Non-Woven Bag

These two cut type Non woven bags are similar. The only difference is their handle. Just like the plastic bags which were commonly used in the store, nowadays both W cut Non-woven bag and D cut Non-woven bag have been popular in the places like supermarket and grocery store.

(3). Loop Handle Non-Woven Bag

With the expanded base gusset and the loop handles, you can keep the goods inside the bags stable when you are in movement. That also provides a more beautiful appearance for the bags. Other than the increased stability, Loop Handle Nonwoven Bags are more durable. You do not need to worry about the breakage.

5. Maintenance of nonwoven fabrics

The following points should be noted in the maintenance and collection of nonwoven bags

(1) Wash them to keep them clean and prevent the breeding of moths and bacteria.

(2) When storing in new seasons, it shall be washed, ironed, dried, and sealed in a plastic bag, and placed flat in the closet. Ventilation, dust removal is necessary.

The closet should be put into anti-mildew, anti-moth tablets, to avoid the breeding of mold and insects.

(3) Facing pilling, do not pull them out strongly. You have better use scissors to cut them off, to avoid the break of the structure, which is the unrecoverable damage to the Non-woven bags.


In this article, we have shared some contents about Non woven bags, including

What is the material of Non-Woven Bags

The benefits of Non-Woven Bags

Different between Non-woven bag and Woven bag

Different type of Non woven bag

Maintenance of Non-woven bags

After reading this article, you may have a clear understanding of the Non-woven bags. If you still have other questions, please feel free to contact us through email or telephone, we will reply as soon as possible. Thanks for your reading!