Shipping boxes are essential shipping supplies for any shipping business. When shipping products, it is important to have a quality shipping box that will protect the product while in transit. Now, shipping boxes are one of the most important things when shipping goods. But not all shipping box suppliers are created equally, so it’s important to find a good supplier for your shipping needs. It can be difficult to find reliable shipping box suppliers in China but this article provides 10 of the best options available!

shipping box suppliers

how to find the Best Shipping Box Suppliers in China

China is the largest manufacturing country in the world. It contains many shipping box manufacturers, shipping companies, and freight forwarders. Therefore how to find the Best Shipping Box Suppliers in China will become your major concern if you are sourcing for your business or home appliances in China.


How to find Best Shipping Box Suppliers in China? How can I get the cheapest price when looking for custom shipping boxes suppliers in China? These are two common questions that many people have. There is no one solution on how to find the best & cheap Customized Shipping Boxes suppliers in China, it really depends on how you plan your design or how much you are willing to invest in these custom shipping boxes.


There are several ways how to find the Best Shipping Box Suppliers in China, but they all take time and effort. To make your research process more efficient, we have created this article based on our experience with various customized box suppliers over the past few years.


1) Make an Inquiry to Shipping Companies Directly


The best way to find the Best Shipping Box Suppliers in China is to make an inquiry directly to shipping companies with no third-party involvement. You can make an inquiry by visiting their company websites or by phone calls. If you visit the website, most of them give a quote right away after you fill up all information needed. Some of them also offer customized solutions based on your needs (Please be prepared that you may need to pay more than the standard shipping fee if required). If by phone calls, you should ask them how much it will cost to send your goods from China to your country. All of them are experts in this industry so they can give you quotes without hesitation.


2) Make an Inquiry to Freight Forwarders


If the companies above do not provide good service or price for you, try another wayfinding freight forwarders. Freight forwarders also known as NVOCC (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier), NVOCC is a third party that organizes shipping activities between suppliers and customers. They buy space in ships and trucks while keeping their own inventories (just like how travel agencies work). Freight forwarders can be as small as a sole proprietorship with only one office and just several staff. They can also be large companies with dozens of subsidiaries, hundreds of offices, and thousands of employees all over the world. If you find freight forwarders on the Google search engine, some will show up first in your results than others. Compare how they work and how much fee they charge for your shipment to decide which is a better fit for you.


3) Make Inquiry to Shipping Box Suppliers


Shipping box manufacturers usually offer customized solutions on packing your goods including how many pieces are needed per carton/pallet/container etc. Their quote always includes shipping fees by sea or air or even both ways if you want to. Some of them may even offer door-to-door shipment if needed. If you use their packing services, how much it will cost is dependent on how complicated your shipping route is and how many pieces are in each carton/pallet. You can also order shipping boxes from them at the same time when making inquiries for shipping box suppliers.


4) Make Inquiry to Shipping Agents


If all the above fail, try to contact shipping agents directly next. They are another type of third party that specializes in booking cargoes with different transportation methods including sea or air or even both ways depending on how urgent your goods are. Most of them have good relationships with different ships and airlines companies which enable them to get the lowest price while giving you reliability.


If you are looking for reliable suppliers of packaging materials, shipping boxes, or containers then locating the right supplier can be difficult.  You will need to research companies online and read their product descriptions on how they compare to each other.  It’s like searching through the Yellow Pages, but instead of physical locations, you are searching for relevant information about your potential supplier using Google Search or Baidu (Chinese search engine).  Finding the best company at manufacturing quality products where quality control standards are properly enforced can reduce shipping costs, increase efficiency and provide customers with high satisfaction levels.

The Top 10 Best Shipping Box Suppliers in China

1. Shenzhen Jiehua Printing & Packing Product Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Jiehua has been one of the best printing and packing products manufacturers and shipping box suppliers in China since 2003, offering customized services and wholesale services. The company produces a wide variety of custom-made packaging products such as paper tubes, corrugated boards, paper boxes, paper bags/rolls, plastic products, and so on.


2. Zhejiang Greeting Card Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Greeting Card is a professional supplier in producing greeting cards in China with a rich experience of 12 years. The company has three factories in Huzhou city of Zhejiang province. They provide customized printing services in offset printing, embossing powder stamping, silk screen printing, UV coating, and lamination, etc.


3. Topline Printing Material Co., Ltd

Topline Printing specializes in the production of corrugated cardboard. Topline was established back in 1999 and covers an area of around 30 thousand square meters. Topline possesses complete equipment to make quality corrugated cartons, which are exported to countries all over the world. Topline exports around 30% of its production and has received ISO9001: 2000 quality certification from SGS since the year 2004. Topline also provides recycling services for used paperboard.


4. Suzhou Jinsheng Printing & Packaging Co., Ltd

Suzhou Jinsheng is one of the leading China manufacturers and shipping box suppliers in printing, packaging products, and raw materials for the recycling industry. As a reliable partner, Suzhou Jinsheng always works hard to supply all kinds of cardboard and another paper paperboard, including Top Toplineline, which owns over 150 150 advanced lines in their factory.

5. Top Printing Packaging Co., Ltd

Top Printing Packaging is a professional printing and shipping box supplier with 12 years of experience. Top Printing provides all kinds of corrugated paper boxes, bags, labels, etc. With modern machines and excellent equipment, Top Printing guarantees delivery of each order on time.

6. Guangzhou Yijia Packaging Products Co., Ltd

Guangzhou Yijia was founded in 2006 as one of the leading manufacturers specializing in producing various types of packaging products for more than 10 years with an annual export amount exceeding USD20 million. The company is located in Panyu District where is famous as “China Packaging City”. It has two factories with a total area of over 30 thousand square meters, equipped with advanced production lines and inspection equipment. The company is specialized in producing corrugated cartons, paper bags, blister cards, OPP bags, PVC/PET/PE film, etc.


7. Hebei Topy Group Co., Ltd.

Hebei Topy was established in 1997 which has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing various types of offset printing products all over the world. Topy owns over 200 sets of high-speed offset printing machines both for sheet-fed presses and web presses. Topy is not only can provide one-stop service from design idea to the final finished product but also Topy’s own R&D team will make sure each new product launch reaches Topy’s goal.

8. Shanghai Top Layer Packaging Co., Ltd

Shanghai Top Layer is a professional manufacturer of corrugated packaging products. Top Layer has been specialized in producing various Top Layer products for over 10 years, including Topy paper box, leaflet holder, tray/holder/shell, cosmetics packaging boxes, and so on. Top Layer is ISO certified company with professional designers and excellent production equipment.

9.Dongguan SHENGXINGG Greeting Card Co., Ltd

Established in 2005, Dongguan SHENGXINGG Greeting Card has been specializing in manufacturing different kinds of greeting cards for more than ten years. With plentiful experience and advanced machines, we have our goods in the USA, Europe, Australia, South Africa and so on. Now our products have been sold to more than 80 countries and regions.


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shipping box suppliers


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